Birthday Play Set Sales From American Girl and Maplelea!


Karen here and it is my Birthday Weekend, it is also my twin nieces birthday we share our special day and I thought it was a fun coincidence that two of my favorite birthday party play sets for dolls were on sale this weekend at both and The set in the photo above […]

Maplelea School Set Review

Maplelea Dolls School Set Review

Maplelea is a wonderful brand of dolls and accessories for 18″ dolls based in Canada. In addition to being focused on Canadian history and culture, they really pride themselves in the details! Everything we have from Maplelea is just beautiful and so very detailed. Doll Diaries community member, Cordelia, recently purchased the Maplelea School Set […]

Doll Of The Week – Spotlight on Karen’s My Maplelea Friend Doll


Karen here and many of you know that I am Canadian. Here in Canada where I live we have a line of lovely dolls called Maplelea. About two years ago I got my Maplelea Friend Doll  I call Stacy. She is an Asian Canadian Doll and I love her. She has lovely long black hair […]

Isabelle Loves Maplelea’s Pirouettes and Plies Outfit

Maplelea Pirouettes and Plies Ballet Outfit for 18" Dolls

Our good friends at Maplelea recently sent us their Pirouette’s and Plies Outfit to review. Now you can purchase some of Maplelea’s products in the US via Amazon, which makes them an even better value! The Pirouettes and Plies outfit is actually one of the best values I have found. The 11-piece set is $47 […]

Saila’s Polar Bear PJs and Katajjaq Giggles Dress from Maplelea

Maplelea Polar Bear PJs

(This post contains affiliate links) When we got word that Maplelea dolls and their outfits were available in the US via Amazon, we just had to order a few new things for Saila. Until recently you could only get Maplelea in Canada, and while they do ship to the US, shipping rates are expensive! Now […]

Maplelea Taryn is Cozy in Her New Ice Skating Outfit


Do you know that the number one reason I love doing giveaways on Doll Diaries is so I can make someone happy? Yep! So when you share photos of what you have won from Doll Diaries with me it is the ultimate thank you! Cordelia recently won the DreamWorld Collections Ice Skating Outfit we did […]

Doll of the Day – Maplelea Saila

Maplelea Saila

Canadian doll company Maplelea’s 18″ soft body dolls are inspired by the faces and heritage of Canadian girls. Saila, pronounced “sigh-la,” in case you were wondering, is from Iqaluit – the capital of the Nunavat Territory in the northern part of Canada. Saila speaks English and her native language of Inuktitut. When Saila was first […]

Doll of the Day – Maplelea Taryn

Maplelea Taryn

A few years ago I discovered the Canadian doll company, Maplelea. They sell 18″ play dolls that are inspired by Canadian girls and their heritage. Maplelea Taryn is in the spotlight today. Taryn is from Banff – a city in the mountains of Alberta, Canada (just north of Montana) and she loves to paint, explore […]

Maplelea Dolls Can Wear Springfield Doll Clothes

Maplelea and Springfield Dolls

So, I got an email asking if Maplelea dolls can wear Springfield doll clothes and the answer is YES.  Maplelea Taryn is wearing the Springfield Plaid Tunic, Madame Alexander leggings and the black slouch boots from Springfield. The boots are just a tiny, tiny bit too small for her but, they still fit – they […]

Maplelea’s Winter Collection

Maplelea Winter Maple Cabin Collection

Can you say CUTE? Our Canandian friends, Maplelea have just added the most adorable collection to their site yet. The Maple Cabin collection features four different items that are all sold separately, but can be mixed and matched to make plenty of fun winter outfits for your dolls. The new items include- click links for […]

Happy Birthday Maplelea Taryn

Maplelea Taryn

According to the Maplelea Facebook page, today is Taryn’s birthday so Madame Alexander Favorite Friends McKayla and American Girl Nicki are helping her celebrate with an afternoon making s’mores by the campfire. Happy Birthday to our Canadian friend Taryn!  

Yes, Maplelea Shoes Fit AGs

American Girl and Maplelea dolls

For those of you who do not have Facebook, I don’t want you to miss anything, so here is what we are talking about on the Doll Diaries Facebook page right now.  Maplelea just added some really cute new shoes to their store: And The Doll Wardrobe blog wanted to know if AG dolls can […]

New Line of Maplelea Friends Dolls


Our Canadian friends, Maplelea, have just released a new line of 18″ dolls in addition to their original six Canadian Girl dolls. The Maplelea Friends are a line of eight dolls meant to be just like you dolls or just dolls you love. These dolls are available for pre-order now and will be ready to […]

Doll Play Day 11 Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Maplelea Taryn

In celebration of Maplelea’s brand new, very beautiful website (if you haven’t taken a look yet, you should), today’s craft will let our dolls check out their own beauty! Maplelea Girls Taryn and Saila are going to help us make doll sized wall mirrors for our doll spaces using supplies you probably already have on […]

Meet Chapta the New Maplelea Girls Pet

Maplelea dolls pet Chapta

The Canadian doll company, Maplelea Girls, introduced a new pet today, Alexi’s cute little Bengal kitten named Chapta. When Alexi is not home to pet his soft fur, cute and loveable Chapta loves to curl up in his warm cozy house and take a nap. He is one very smart Bengal cat who has learned […]

Can You Guess the New Maplelea Pet?


Our favorite Canadian dolls, Maplelea Girls are getting a new pet tomorrow and oh, it is cute!! The Maplelea Girls sent me a photo of their furry new friend but want to see if you can guess who it is before I post its photo tomorrow. Here is your clue. The furry friend has four […]

Maplelea’s 2012 Photo Contest is Open

Maplelea photo contest

Calling all Maplelea fans! It is time for the 2012 Maplelea photo contest again. According to the Maplelea website: Each person may submit up to five photos. Winning photos will be printed in the 2012 fall magazines, spread over two issues, and may be used for other promotional and publicity purposes for the Maplelea Girls. […]

Saila Models the Adora Panda Outfit

Maplelea Saila

Adora Dolls sells a line of 18″ dolls called 4-Ever Friends and I visited their booth at Toy Fair. In doing research before I went, I found the most adorable outfit for dolls on their site – its called Panda and I couldn’t help but think it would be perfect for our Maplelea doll Saila. […]

Emily’s Snowsuit

American Girl Maplelea Girl

One of my all time favorite outfits is Emily’s Snowsuit. I have looked at it ever since it came out and just love the shade of yellow in the jacket. When I saw it go on sale again the week after Christmas I just had to get it .. and I’m glad I did as […]

Introducing Saila Our New Maplelea Girl

Maplelea Saila close up

Ever since the Canadian doll company, Maplelea, introduced us to their latest addition, Saila, I have had my eye on her! Pronounced “sigh-la,”  – Saila is from Iqaluit – the capital of the Nunavat Territory in the northern part of Canada. She speaks English and her native language of Inuktitut. Well, I couldn’t help myself […]