Doll Decor: Wrought Iron Doll Bed

wrought iron doll bed

When I saw this amazing Wrought Iron doll bed from Etsy shop, Dream Come True Beds; I knew it had to be the center of my next decorative doll room makeover.  This shop offers doll beds and newborn photo prop beds. You will find your perfect vintage-styled dream-come-true antique style metal bed here!  Dream […]

Parisian Inspired Doll Bedroom

Parisian doll bedroom

Since American Girl’s doll of the year, Grace, has a Paris theme, I wanted to give a little of that influence to one of the rooms in our dollhouse.  Here is how a little Parisian inspiration added flare to this dollhouse bedroom… When I first started researching Paris inspired bedrooms I found many rooms that […]

Dollhouse: Recycled Industrial Shelving

Doll shelving

The dollhouse is getting reorganized for some upcoming room design changes. I found these cute metal cups in the dollar bins at Target.  I assume they are used for desk organization such as paper clips and rubber bands…but I had another idea in mind. I cut Command Velcro strips in half lengthwise and attached to […]

St. Patrick’s Day Dollhouse Décor

St. Patrick's Day Dollhouse Banner

My daughters and I were walking through Michael’s craft store when my oldest grabbed my phone and took a picture of a St. Patrick’s Day banner she saw hanging up.  She gave me that oh please mommy look and asked if I could make a banner for the dollhouse.  Well of course!! I loved the […]

How To Decorate A Video Game Themed Room For Your Dolls


Karen here and over the Christmas Holidays I received the most wonderful American Girl Doll Boy Transformation custom doll from My Girl Doll Clothing Co Etsy Shop, I named him David. Today David helps me share my tutorial for how to create a Video Game Themed Doll Room For Your Dolls along with a few […]

New 2-Story Dollhouse for 18″ Dolls from Sophia’s Heritage

Doll House for 18" dolls like American Girl

Have you seen this cool new doll house from Sophia’s Heritage (available at My Doll’s Life) yet? The doll house is scaled to fit your 18″ dolls and 18″ doll furniture like American Girl, Madame Alexander, Our Generation and more.  The open concept first floor features a kitchen area and living room.  The second floor […]

Create a Stow-Away-Tray for Your Doll’s Bed!


I found my daughters stuffing doll shoes and clothes under their doll’s beds.  Then they couldn’t find where they had put these things and everything they had tucked away had to be pulled out from under that little bed.  I decided they needed a little tray that they could put their stow-away items on so […]

Light Up Your Dollhouse!

Light up your dollhouse

Lighting is the GRAND FINALE for my series on “Decorating Your Dollhouse.” I love the way the dollhouse looks all lit up at night!  My daughters would play 24 hours a day if I would let them!  Of course a great way to light up your dollhouse is to have it wired, but this is […]

Decorate Your Dollhouse Laundry Room

Dollhouse laundry room

Every laundry room needs a storage space for all those cleaning supplies.  To help with the storage in this room, I made a utility shelf.   Supplies included a precut piece of craft wood found at Michael’s craft store (this piece was 0.25in x 3in x 9.5in – it came in a package of two), […]

Decorate Your Dollhouse Sewing Room!

dollhouse sewing room

Of course this dollhouse had to have a room of creativity!!  The sewing room was created!  We set up different areas in the room so my daughters could both play together in the same room…at the same time.   One of the crafts for this room was a Sketch Line Holder.  Supplies needed are:  wood […]

Adelle’s Doll House


I love it when our readers share photos of their doll spaces and how ideas from Doll Diaries have inspired them. Here are some photos from Nonna and Adelle. *** Your web site gives us a great inspiration. My daughter and I decided to share our dollhouse photos with you. My daughter got Grace, Kidz […]

Decorate Your Dollhouse Patio

Dollhouse Patio

To decorate the dollhouse patio my daughters and I decided that there should be a fire pit.  Fire pits always seem to make an outdoor space cozy and inviting. I found an inspiration real fire pit picture to get my creative ideas going.  I came up with a very simple idea and my daughters were […]

Decorate Your Dollhouse Bathroom

dollhouse bathroom

My daughters couldn’t wait for the crafting to get done with this room in their dollhouse.  They were so excited with the results.  What dollhouse would be complete without a space for your dolls to pamper themselves?! A set of shelves was made by painting and gluing together mini wood crates found a Michael’s craft […]

Free Shipping OR 10% off My Girl’s Dollhouse This Weekend

My Girls Dollhouse for American Girl dolls

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.  If you are looking for a ready to assemble, awesome play and display space for your dolls, the My Girl’s Dollhouse is perfect. Yes, it is BIG. Yes, it is HEAVY. Yes, it is on the expensive side (except when you factor in time, materials, and compare it to […]

Decorate Your Dollhouse Nursery

Dollhouse Nursery

My daughters love using Target’s mini Circo babies in their doll play.  These dolls make great baby siblings to their 18 inch dolls.  When the dollhouse was designed my daughters wanted one room dedicated to these babies.    These babies could be Addy’s baby sister Esther, baby Polly for Felicity, or baby Phillip for Marie-Grace and […]

The Queen’s Treasures Bedroom Doll Trunk

The Queen's Treasures Bedroom Trunk

If you are looking for a single piece of doll furniture that can act as storage, is portable and has loads of play value this holiday season, take a look at The Queen’s Treasures Pink Bedroom Trunk – its awesome.  The Queen’s Treasures did send us this piece to review and it has become one […]

Dollhouse Decorating: The Office!

dollhouse office

When my daughters’ and I designed their dollhouse, we wanted one room designated for the love of music, art, reading, writing, dance, and sports.  We came to the conclusion that this would be the dollhouse office…the spot for doll creativity!! Dollhouses are also a great way to not only display your doll’s things, but it […]

Decorate Your Dollhouse Bedroom

Dollhouse Bedroom

I think my daughters and I enjoyed decorating their dollhouse bedroom the most since these rooms were decorated very similar to their own real bedrooms. Wall art was added above each bed by using wood die-cut frames found at Michael’s craft store.  These wood frames come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  One of […]

Living Room Decorating Update

Dollhouse Living Room

I found some great wall art to add to your dollhouse!!  I was walking through Michael’s craft store this past weekend and found these adorable ornaments!  These are wood and very inexpensive.  All were on sale and I paid around $1 for each.  When I found these ornaments I immediately knew of my inspiration:  all […]

Decorate Your Dollhouse Living Room

dollhouse living room

 As in most living rooms, you display pictures of your family and friends.  When I found this wood cluster of frames at my local Michael’s Craft Store I knew I wanted to make it into a cool 3-D piece of art for the dollhouse. I started by lightly sanding the edges.  I then spray painted […]