Decorate Your Dollhouse Bedroom

Dollhouse Bedroom

I think my daughters and I enjoyed decorating their dollhouse bedroom the most since these rooms were decorated very similar to their own real bedrooms. Wall art was added above each bed by using wood die-cut frames found at Michael’s craft store.  These wood frames come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  One of [...]

Living Room Decorating Update

Dollhouse Living Room

I found some great wall art to add to your dollhouse!!  I was walking through Michael’s craft store this past weekend and found these adorable ornaments!  These are wood and very inexpensive.  All were on sale and I paid around $1 for each.  When I found these ornaments I immediately knew of my inspiration:  all [...]

Decorate Your Dollhouse Living Room

dollhouse living room

 As in most living rooms, you display pictures of your family and friends.  When I found this wood cluster of frames at my local Michael’s Craft Store I knew I wanted to make it into a cool 3-D piece of art for the dollhouse. I started by lightly sanding the edges.  I then spray painted [...]

Decorate Your Dollhouse Dining Room

Dollhouse Dining Room

It’s that time of the year when family and friends come together for good food and fun.  So the next room to get decorated was the dining room!  To complete this room I made a super cute shabby chic set of shelves from wood crates.  I also accessorized with other creative finds.  Here’s how I [...]

Kitchen Decorating: Clock & Message Center


  The heart of the home is definitely the kitchen!  This is one place where everyone comes together.  So with a little creativity here is how my daughters’ and I decorated their dollhouse kitchen…   A kitchen wouldn’t be complete without some type of messaging center!  The dolls needed a place to keep track of [...]

Dollhouse Entryway: Wreath and Mat

Doll Wreath & Mat

Please join me in a series of posts that I will be doing on “Decorating Your Dollhouse!”  As my first post in this series I will be decorating the entryway with a colorful collegiate wreath and doormat. Wreath Supplies: Styrofoam Ring Felt Scissors Glue gun Wreath Flowers: Needle and thread Decorative Buttons   I purchased [...]

My Girls Dollhouse for 18″ Dolls Review

My Girls Dollhouse Review - doll house for 18" dolls like American Girl

(Disclosure – we were sent this product to review but all opinions are our own.  This post also contains affiliate links.) Back in February when we went to Toy Fair, I got a chance to check out the new My Girl’s Dollhouse kit up close and personal. All I can say is WOW!! It was [...]

Locker Decorations that Double as Doll House Decor


(This is a sponsored post.  I have received compensation as well as the product to review.  All opinions are still 100% my own.) We were recently invited to take part in a fun campaign featuring back to school locker decorations from LLZ by LockerLookz (available at Michael’s, AC Moore, Staples and Meijer ), but when the [...]

Toy Fair Report – My Girl’s Doll House

My Girl's Doll House for 18" dolls by Wicked Cool Toys

Doll houses for 18″ dolls is a very popular search on Doll Diaries – many, many crafty parents have made some amazing doll houses for 18″ dolls – but some parents would rather the convenience of a ready to assemble kit. Up until the past year or so, there have not been any options like [...]

Dolly Decor 101 – A Dolly Sitting Room


Karen here, today I wanted to share some Dolly Decor Tips for those of you who want to see how you can combine items you have made with items you have purchased for your dolls. The above photo shows Ruthie and Chocolate Chip enjoying a dolly sitting room or living room set up on one [...]

Our Generation Doll House Review and Mini Story

Our Generation 18" Doll House from Target

The Big News Earlier this week Char shared a picture of Lucy and Kit looking at the computer.  Well, here is what happened in Diana’s World….. Lucy and Kit were looking at a link that Dabbie sent them and could not wait to be part of Dabbie’s Big News. Meredith ran into Saige at the park [...]

Annika’s AG Dollhouse

American Girl Doll House

One of our readers shared the photos of her daughter, Annika’s dollhouse. Annika has five dolls: Kirsten, Jess, Nicki, AG 27 (Ally), and Emily.  She has really gotten into the doll collecting, watching the youtube videos on line, shopping at thrift stores for stuff for her dolls, and crafting.  Most of what is in the [...]

Amazing American Girl Doll House


I was just doing my morning scroll through Facebook and noticed that Jen at American Girl Doll Play shared a video of a crazy huge American Girl doll space. It is not really a doll house, rather a doll room with individual rooms for the various dolls, furniture and accessories a Mom and her two [...]

Lynda’s American Girl Doll House

American Girl doll house

Another reader sent in photos of her amazing doll house she made for her daughter’s American Girl dolls and pets. Lynda did an amazing job and you really need to click on the link and go view ALL of the photos as a slide show. From the furniture she made to the decorations – the [...]

Brianne’s Doll Space Take 2

photo 4

Late this summer we took a look at Brianne’s doll space and she recently renovated it. She sent in photos and a little description as to what she did – I’m sure you will love it. Let’s start the tour – in Brianne’s words: This is the blue bedroom. The beds are from Ebay, and [...]

Another Upcycled Doll House for 18″ Dolls

American Girl doll house made from upcycled furniture

We have featured a lot of American Girl sized doll houses that have been made from everyday furniture plus a little creativity. I have another one of those creative upcycles for you today from one of our readers, Cris. From Cris: I have been an avid reader of Doll Diaries for the past year as [...]

Another Amazing American Girl Doll House

Custom American Girl doll townhouse

While we are on the topic of AMAZING doll houses for American Girl and other 18″ dolls, here are some photos from Jessica. Her Dad is an architect and has built her dolls a full up TOWNHOUSE – actually it is a nine room Federal style dollhouse for her American Girl dolls and accessories, which she [...]

Gena’s Amazing Doll Room

american girl doll house

Hold onto your hats! I am in serious awe over this next doll space – and I would LOVE to have something this fabulous.  One of our readers, Gena, sent me the link to photos their MOST AMAZING doll space. Gena and her daughters have been collecting American Girl since her oldest daughter was 6 years [...]

Inside Ava’s Doll Room

Ava's Doll Room

Next week is going to kick off the biggest giveaway season we have had yet, and to get things started, we will be featuring a giveaway by Etsy store Ava’s Doll Room. The inspiration for Teniel’s shop is her daughter and her daughter’s  American Girl Dolls “Little Ava” and London.  Before we do the giveaway next [...]

Brianne’s Dolls’ House

18" doll house ideas

I LOVE seeing things you make for your dolls, their play spaces and how your store your collection! And I thank everyone who sends photos and reports in to me for being so patient – I get A TON of email and sometimes it takes a while before I can get to the goodness you [...]