Ultimate List of Easter Crafts & Activities for American Girl Dolls and their Friends

Easter crafts for dolls

Easter is right around the corner and while we have had a some really cute Easter inspired crafts for the dolls this spring, there are quite a few from years past and on our creative team’s own blogs that you may have missed as well as some from blogs you may not be familiar with [...]

Doll Craft-An Easy Easter Basket

Doll size Easter bucket

This Easter basket can better be described as an Easter bucket.  On the Easter aisle this year at Walmart they had these bucket style Easter baskets and I knew I wan’t to recreate a doll sized version! They are colorful with a fun design on the side! Let’s take a look at how it’s made! [...]

Make Your Bitty Their Own Swing


Karen here and today I wanted to share with you the Bitty Swing I made for My niece for when she comes to play at our weekly tea party date. This was an easy craft that uses duct tape and a milk container to make the perfect “little kid” swing like you would find in [...]

Doll Craft – Addy’s Happy Birthday Lunch

Addy's Tin Pail Lunch

Did you know that today is considered to be American Girl Addy’s birthday?  For all you trivia buffs – do you know why it is today? Anyhow, Madison is ready to wish Addy a Happy Birthday with a special birthday treat!  She made her a tasty lunch. Mmm, a meat pie, grapes, and little cookies [...]

Make Your Own Doll Sized Double Boiler and Other Easter Treats

Double Boiler Main pic

When American Girl came out with their Spring Releases my daughters and I got very excited over the double boiler and egg decorating set.  Making chocolates is a huge activity over any holiday in our home.  Good Friday is always reserved for a family egg decorating get together.  However, when we started looking at Kit’s [...]

Create Your Own Doll Sized Sparkly Egg Decorating Play Set

Create Your Own Easter Sparkly Egg Decorating Play Set

Karen here, as Easter approaches I wanted to share an easy and fun way to create your own Sparkly Egg Decorating Play Set from items you can easily find at a craft or dollar store near you! I was able to create my play-set for under $10. I loved the Egg Decorating Set that American [...]

Doll Craft- No-Sew Placemats

Doll size placemats made with Phoomph

I sewed my daughter a set of matching placemats a number of years ago.  They took me some time to stitch together.  I love all the details of a set table, especially for our dolls!  Today I have a no-sew version that is just as cute but SO simple! This craft is an awesome way [...]

Tulip Pink Ikea Wooden Doll Beds “To Dye For”

Doll Dyed Beds

We found these awesome wooden beds at Ikea for only $20 and determined immediately that we simply must buy them.  Since they only come in unfinished wood and we wanted them to be pink, we quickly decided to dye them the color we desired so that Isabelle and Lanie could start their bedroom out with [...]

Create Spring Themed Wooden Bookends For Your Dolls Books!

How to make doll sized bookends

Karen here, continuing with my love of all things Spring I had an idea  to make Spring Themed Wooden Bookends for my dolls books and could not wait to share it with you. With a few items I picked up from the craft store this fun craft came together in under 20 minutes! To make [...]

Doll Craft-Lamp Made from Repurposed Items

This doll lamp is made out of repurposed items from around the house

Little details are fun to add to a doll space.  This little lamp is bright and bold and has a little shimmer.  It is sure to be a fun splash of color in your doll scenes! Since it is made out of repurposed items from around the house, it is so easy! Of course you [...]

Set The Table For Spring!


Karen here wishing you a very Happy Spring! It has been a long winter!  To welcome Spring I always have  a tea party and thought I would share with you some of my table setting tips for your dolls.I have used Rit Dye and some scrap fabric to create a table cloth and runner with [...]

Doll Craft-Josefina’s Purse Pouch

Make Josefina's purse pouch for dolls

To celebrate Josefina’s birthday today I have a crafty version of the purse pouch that is sold with her accessories!  We don’t have Josefina, so Morgan stood in and modeled for today.   Each AG historical doll comes from a unique time period.  Whether or not you have Josefina, it is fun creating accessories, outfits [...]

American Girl Doll Play Scene Inspired by “FROZEN”

American Girl Frozen inspired scene

The Disney movie, Frozen, is a huge hit in my house.  I love listening to my daughters sing the songs from the soundtrack.  To celebrate the movie release to DVD, I surprised my daughters my combining their favorite movie with their beloved dolls.  I LOVE how the set turned out.  I earned major bonus points [...]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Outfit


It’s so easy to create a fashionable holiday outfit with I Love to Create’s fabric paint.  Here is a fabulous one for Isabelle to wear tonight for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. If you like her rainbow, the tutorial to make it is HERE, over on my blog. To make to outfit, I used an outfit [...]

Rainbow Blog Hop – Make a Red Ladybug Suitcase for Dolls

Make a Lady Bug Suitcase for Dolls

Whenever Laura invites you to join in one of her blog hops, you know it is going to be fun! In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day and every color of the rainbow, she invited a bunch of her blogging friends to a challenge – the DIY Create a Rainbow Blog Hop. We were assigned a [...]

Sew New – Spring 2014 Patterns for Dolls

Doll clothes sewing patterns

Sew, what’s new? As in new as far as doll clothes patterns go? I thought it would be fun to do a round up of my favorite new sewing patterns for dolls as we head into spring.  You can find these patterns at: 1. 18″ doll wedding dress patterns from Rosie’s Doll Clothes Patterns – [...]

Make Your Dolls A 1930′s Inspired Shamrock Pin or Pendant For St. Patrick’s Day


Karen here and today’s post is inspired by the look of the 1930′s and a craft I saw on Rookno.17 .com for St. Patrick’s day. When I saw this adult sized craft I wanted to try to make a similar kid friendly version that could be used as a pin or a pendant for St. [...]

Doll Craft-St.Patrick’s Day Napkin Rings and Plates

Doll size plates and napkin rings for St Patricks Day

Today we are up-cycling a few St. Patrick’s Day party accessories into doll size fun!  We will be using a couple of party necklaces and gold coins to make a mini table setting for St. Patrick’s Day party food! The necklace pieces and coins are a great size for doll size dessert plates and napkin [...]

DIY Doll Size Fashion Sleeping Bags


This weekend we had a sleepover party that, of course, included our dolls.  The girls used an old drop cloth canvas and with a little help turned it into adorable sleeping bags. We started by gathering supplies then cutting the canvas (actually we just tore it) into 24 x30 pieces.  We folded the pieces in [...]

How To Make A Doll Sized Icing Bag


This is a sweet and easy craft from one of the Doll Diaries community – Julia. *** Hi! I’m going to show you how to make an easy peasy doll icing bag! Can you guess which one of the icing bags we will be making? Supplies needed: plain scrap fabric  scissors hot glue gun empty [...]

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