Make Your Mini Doll A Shamrock Hat For St. Patrick’s Day


Karen here and today I am sharing a quick craft to make your mini dolls a Shamrock hat for St. Patrick’s day. This is a simple and fun craft you can do with kids of all ages and uses recycled items to create something new! To make your own Shamrock Hat for your mini dolls [...]

Little House on the Prairie Doll Birthday Party

Little House on the Prairie  Doll Birthday Party

I wanted to share with the Doll Diaries readers the Little House on the Prairie birthday party I had for my daughter’s 10th birthday.  A pioneer lunch, doll craft, pilot showing, and doll play were planned.  My daughter wanted to have a pioneer lunch with a few of her friends.  I purchased enamelware dishes on-line [...]

Doll Fashion Fun – Beach Inspired Hair Beads

5 BOHO hair beads

As soon as the American Girl Spring release came out, I looked for new items for the beach scene.  The Boho Beachy Swimwear and the Beachy Hair Beads caught my attention.  Since I had already purchased the in-store exclusive two piece swimwear for 2015, I decided to wait on the Boho swimwear, but I had [...]

Create A Shabby Chic Table Lamp For Your Dolls Room


I found the most adorable solar powered lamps at my dollar store and I knew I had to take one home and personalize it for my dolls room. You can easily transform these inexpensive working lamps into a great doll accessory in just a matter of minutes! To create your own you will need: A [...]

Pack Your Prairie Wagon

American Girl Doll Prairie Wagon

This amazing doll wagon was found at online store, All Dolled Up In Peoria,   They also have an Etsy store,  The wagon is of large scale and perfect for your American Girl Dolls!  It is constructed of good quality wood and along with the craftsmanship will endure years of doll play.  It is [...]

Vintage Inspired Valentines

Vintage Inspired Valentines for Dolls-2

For Valentine’s Day this year I had the historical dolls in mind.   The historical dolls and anyone else that likes the vintage look! I created 4 different Valentines on PicMonkey just the right size for dolls.   I was able to squeeze 8 mini Valentines on the printable, plenty to share! Supplies Vintage Inspired [...]

Make Full Skirts For Your Mini Dolls With Ribbons and Tulle


Karen here with a craft for your mini dolls I hope you will love. Our mini dolls are some of our most loved and played with dolls in our collection. Today I wanted to share an easy and fun way you can make a full skirt for your mini dolls using items you may already [...]

Carol’s NOT $500 Patisserie

DIY Grace Patisserie

One of the things we love most at Doll Diaries is CREATIVITY – and taking inspiration from our favorite brands and making our own versions. Carol sent in a few photos of her version of Grace’s Patisserie – I think it turned out fantastic – what do you think? *** Using several red cardboard display [...]

The Ultimate List of Doll Valentine’s Day Crafts

Best Valentine's Day Crafts for American Girl Dolls and their Friends

Updated with some new additions! I was looking back through the Doll Diaries archives recently to find more doll Valentine’s inspiration. While many of you have been reading Doll Diaries for a long time, some of you are new, and some of you might have missed this awesomeness the first time we shared it. Not [...]

A Valentine’s Day Wreath for Your Dollhouse

Valentine's day dollhouse wreath

I love how excited my daughters get when I decorate our home for the holidays.  To keep their love for holiday decorating going I decided to surprise them with a festive Valentine’s Day wreath for the dollhouse.  Here is how I did it…. Supplies: Foam ring Red Heart Yarn Foam stickers Felt Scissors Glue gun [...]

Simple and Elegant Headbands

Make a ribbon headband for dolls-14

While shopping with my daughter a few months ago we noticed the adorably simple headbands for sale.  It looked like they were made out of trim and ribbon pulled out of my craft stash.  Inspired by the fashion, my daughter and niece crafted their own version to wear.  Seeing their creations I knew I wanted [...]

Make Some Paris Themed Throw Pillows For Your Dolls


Karen here and today I am sharing my Tulip Fabric Paint Tutorial for “Je T’aime Paris” (I love Paris) Pillows to spruce up your dolls room! To make your own you will need: Tulip Fabric Paint Scrap Fabric Kunin Felt Ruler Scissors Ribbons Fiber Fill Stuffing Hot glue gun and glue Step 1- Assemble your [...]

Make a Disney’s Dez Doll

Dez Doll

My Daughters are in LOVE with Disney’s hit TV show, Austin and Alley.  Their favorite character is the silly and quirky Dez Wade.  My youngest daughter asked Santa for a Dez Doll for Christmas.  Here is how I helped Santa create a Disney Dez Doll…. I have watched several episodes of this show with my [...]

Jewelery for Grace

2 Grace jewlery

Each year my new America Girl GOTY gets several pieces of  jewelry, Grace was the lucky one this year.   As I look over her collection at the different outfits she would wear, I create appropriate matching jewelry.  Let’s check it out! We need to start with supplies and tools.  Some of the supplies I selected [...]

Create A Cozy Bed & Storage Unit For Your Mini Dolls!


Karen here and I have been working on a fun and easy dollar store craft I hope you mini doll enthusiasts will enjoy! I had seen a photo of a larger more elaborate version of a bed and storage unit for the 18 inch dolls on Facebook and when I was in my local dollar [...]

Bake Some Chocolate Croissants For Your Dolls!


Karen here and today I wanted to share with you one of my most favorite French Pastries you can may your on dolls. My oldest child and I love to sneak away to our local bakery and pick these up to enjoy on the walk back! I thought it would be fun to share how [...]

Cordelia’s DIY Bakery


I just LOVE seeing the wonderful doll play items you create! Cordelia has created quite a beautiful bakery for her dolls using items she already had on hand. Enjoy!! *** Katherine and Rose have been very excited by the bakery theme introduced along with Grace’s release. Therefore, they decided to make their own bakery using [...]

Make a Sparkly Eiffel Tower for Doll Decor

Eiffel Tower decor for dolls-23

Sometimes creativity and ideas start brewing and don’t come out for a long time.  I had my eye on a sparkly Eiffel tower ornament sold at a local boutique a year ago.  The size and shape was perfect for doll decor but it didn’t go with any projects I was working on, so I passed [...]

Upcycled Boots Inspired by Grace

Upcycled boots inspired by Grace- GOTY 2015-16

Saige isn’t in the lime light these days but she is taking a fresh look at her wardrobe and using inspiration from the new GOTY, Grace.  A favorite is Grace’s grey ankle boots.  They are a trendy fun style. Saige always wore gold boots well, so her version is in gold. Now Saige has the [...]

Create a Stow-Away-Tray for Your Doll’s Bed!


I found my daughters stuffing doll shoes and clothes under their doll’s beds.  Then they couldn’t find where they had put these things and everything they had tucked away had to be pulled out from under that little bed.  I decided they needed a little tray that they could put their stow-away items on so [...]