Doll Play – Make Earmuffs for Your Dolls

How to Make Doll Earmuffs

Brrrr… do you feel that chill in the air??? When I saw this cute way to make earmuffs for your dolls at the Springfield Style Club I just had to ask them if I could share it with you.  Of course they said yes! You probably already have the supplies for this project on hand! You [...]

Duck Tape Stockings

Duct tape stockings for dolls-6

“The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.” With all the fabulous patterns of Duck tape, I had to try a doll size stocking. The fun color and pattern combinations are endless! Today I’ve chosen the playful penguins. The zebra stripe fringe adds a fun [...]

Doll Play – Make Sparkly Wrapping Paper

Sparkly gift wrap for dolls

Make your own bold, sparkly, doll gift wrap!  You will love the way this turns out and will have fun making it!  It’s a great project to do as a family or with friends. I have such fun memories making this with my young family for our own Christmas wrapping paper.  Today, I’ve kept the same vibrant [...]

It Is Time For Hanukkah! Make Your Dolls A Menorah From Clay


Karen here and today is the start of the Hanukkah. To celebrate I have created a Menorah craft you can make for your dolls. Both 18 inch and 6 inch dolls can take part in your holiday play when you create your own  Menorah out of Sculpey Clay. To make your own you will need: [...]

Doll Play – Silly Reindeer Hairstyle

Easy reindeer hairstyle for dolls

It’s time for another fun doll play idea! I found a photo on Pinterest of a sock bun turned into reindeer antlers that is just so cute, but I decided to do my own take on a silly reindeer hairstyle for your dolls. Gwen is going to a Crazy Christmas Party this evening and wanted [...]

Doll Play – Make a Santa Pillow for your Dolls


It’s time for another cute project from Karen! One of my favorite holiday decorations are holiday throw pillows. Today I wanted to show you how you can make your own Santa Throw Pillow for your dolls couch or bed using items you may already have at home! To create your own Santa Pillow you will [...]

Doll Play – Celebrate St. Lucia Day

Celebrate St. Lucia Day

American Girl historical character Kirsten was from Sweden where one of the  biggest celebrations of the Christmas season is December 13th – St. Lucia Day. I found a really great resource on St. Lucia Day, its origins and traditions – Christmas in Sweden. So, my plan was to make a crown for our dolls’ head [...]

Doll Play – Make a Doll Sized Holiday Chandelier

Make a doll sized chandelier

Get ready to ooooh and aaaah with this beautiful and simple chandelier you can make for your doll’s space thanks to Anna at This year to complete our Christmas doll scene I added a sparkly chandelier. It is festive and fun. It adds a fancy touch, hanging over our party food table. It is [...]

Make A Holiday Tree Dress For Your Doll


Karen here and I am so excited to share with you the dress I made for my dolls for this Christmas. I was inspired by all the tree dresses I saw on line. I heard there was even one in the White House Ladies Room! I set off to make my dolls dress from items [...]

Doll Play – Make Appetizers for a Doll Get Together

How to make holiday doll food

You are going to LOVE and be amazed by this realistic looking holiday food that Brandy put together for us. Christmas Eve is a big get-together for my family. We mingle, eat, and exchange gifts. There is so much going on that nobody wants to spend time cooking in the kitchen. A buffet of a [...]

31 More Days of Doll Play – Make a Stocking Hanger for your Dolls

sparkly hanger for doll stockings

Anna is all about the sparkle – this morning she showed you how to add sparkle to a holiday outfit and last week she showed us how to take a simple mini stocking and make it a wow stocking for our dolls. Now it is time to make a sparkly hanger for those Christmas stockings. It [...]

Doll Play – Celebrate Hanukkah With A Printable Menorah For Your Dolls


Thanks to Miriam we have a beautiful photo of Rebecca getting ready for Hanukkah this morning and thanks to our friends at American Doll Houses, we have a printable menorah for you to decorate for your dolls, too. This is American Girl Rebecca and her Hanukkah menorah next to an antique menorah which it was based [...]

Make an Easy Offray Ribbon Wreath for Dolls

Easy Offray Ribbon Wreath for Dolls

Do you have a favorite holiday decoration? I just LOVE hanging a new wreath on my door every season and I also happen to LOVE snowmen. (Just ask my girls, I have quite the snowman collection and each December the kitchen/dining room area of the house gets “snowman-ified”) When the Offray ribbon company challenged me [...]

Doll Play – Make a Holiday Wreath for Your Dolls

how to make a doll sized wreath

    Have you hung a wreath on your door or wall yet? We are doing all our Christmas decorating this weekend and the wreath for the door will probably be the first thing that gets done. Today, Karen is showing a super easy way to make a wreath to use as decoration in our [...]

Doll Play – Print and Play Dreidel Game

Doll sized printable dreidel

The Jewish holiday of Hanukkah begins on December 16th this year and one of the most iconic symbols of Hanukkah is the dreidel. The dreidel is a top like game piece you use sort of like dice to play a simple, but fun game.  The sides of the dreidel have the Hebrew letters ”Nun, Gimmel, Hey, [...]

31 More Days of Doll Play – Decorate Doll Sized Christmas Stockings


Every year when I walk down the seasonal aisle at the store I ooh and aah.  It gets me every time!  This year was no different.  After I got over it, I wanted to come home and make something sparkly and something sweet, something modern and something bold.  It’s fun to try ideas on little [...]

Make A Holiday Tie For Your Doll With Duck Tape


Karen here and as the holiday’s are fast approaching our school choir is getting ready to preform. Our Choir leader has our kids wear a Santa hat or “Toque”, a White Dress Shirt and a red or green tie. I thought it would be fun to replicate this look for one of our dolls! To [...]

31 More Days of Doll Play – “Bake” Gingerbread Cookies

Holiday Doll Play Bake Gingerbread Cookies

Ivy has been invited to a Cookie Exchange so she needs to start baking her cookies. “Baking” doll cookies is so incredibly easy – you can use anything – from fun foam, to stickers, clay, felt or a combination of materials to make them. Just in case you don’t have any of those supplies on [...]

Make Your Dolls Sock Monkey Stockings


Karen here with a Tutorial on how to make your dolls Sock Monkey Stockings. These felt stockings are fun and easy to make. You can make them for your dolls and hang them on your holiday tree. Here is what you need to make your own doll sized Sock Monkey Stockings Kunin Felt in Grey, [...]

Colorful Fall Pillow

Fall leaf pillow

Fall is lingering a little today.  The crisp air and changing leaves are amazing.  I stitched up a memory of fall for our doll space. This project, inspired by the colorful falling leaves, has a fun twist. It is the pop of color!  Join me to make this fun leaf pillow for your dolls. Here’s [...]