Seashell Jewelry for Dolls

Sea Shell Jewelry for Dolls-13

As the tide goes out it leaves treasures from the sea behind on the sand.  Among them you may find drift wood, seaweed, and seashells.   Collect a few mini shells in your pocket and make them into necklaces for your doll!  Of course if you don’t live by the sea, shells are still widely […]

Fringe Fashion at the Ranch

Fringe Scarf for Dolls-4

Saige is right at home with horses and she has loved camp at the ranch this week!   Her favorite is riding each morning through the meadows and nearby woods.  There is so much to see and it couldn’t be more fun than from atop her horse!   Today Saige and the other girl’s in the […]

McKenna Visits the Orcas


We LOVE the aquarium…our whole family that is!  Sea life is so amazing.  We are annual members of the North Carolina Aquariums as well as Sea World to support sea life studies and animal rehabilitation/rescue.  I think McKenna loves the aquarium too.  I had so much fun putting this together and reflected on it and […]

Hands on at the Tide Pool

Tide Pools for Dolls-7

Morgan visited the aquarium this week and her favorite part was the tide pool display.  It is a touch and learn tank with live sea animals. The colorful starfish caught her eye first.  All three were firmly attached to the side of the tank.  She gently touched their slippery and bumpy texture. The sea urchin […]

Medals for the Team

Sports Medal for Dolls-5

Everyone joined in the soccer match at camp this week.  For fun they passed out medals to all who participated.  The medals made fun necklaces to wear during sport’s week at camp! Grace’s team all have medals with the pink stars. Go team go!  Team spirit has been high all week! Let’s take a look […]

Doll Diaries Celebrates National Lollipop Day


Today is National Lollipop Day!  To celebrate this sweet and silly day, I am sharing a fun little craft for your dolls and an awesome giveaway.  First the craft.  Let’s make doll sized lollipops. These are easy to make!  You will need Sculpey clay and wooden sticks round toothpicks or skewers work great). Roll your […]

Inspired by Colorful Mayan Art

Mexico Art Purse for Dolls-12

I love this weeks theme, Ancient Empires!  It is fun to put the spotlight on people and cultures from a long time ago.  For me a long time ago is 100 years ago.  Things have changed so much in 100 years that it can seem like it things were soooooo different from today.  This week […]

Patriotic Party Garland and a Giveaway


What a fun week it has been getting ready for the long Fourth of July weekend.  To celebrate, I created this adorable patriotic party garlard! To make it you simply tear fabric into 1/2 inch strips and tie the strips all to a piece of ribbon.  The length of the strips depends on how long […]

Mini Firecracker Decorations

Firecracker decor-16

Morgan has a new festive decoration in the doll house! These mini firecrackers are inspired by a decoration I had growing up. Depending on what you have on hand you can make it out of wood, like the original, or you can craft it out of paper and buttons. Either way these firecrackers make a […]

Doll Sized Cupcakes


It has been a super fun and busy couple of days baking and creating here in our house.  When we get the chance to mix up so many things that we love (baking, making and doll play) it makes us pretty super happy!  To kick off Bakery Wars week here at Camp Doll Diaries, we […]

Find Your Way With a Compass

Compass for Dolls-32

Eliza is ready for a Safari adventure with her new compass!    This little doll size compass is made mostly of paper and has the option of a needle that can spin, which is fun for scenes and play! Eliza loves to wear hers around her neck but can also easily hold it in her […]

Mini Doll Sized Girl Scout SWAPS


70’s week is a great time to throwback to my actual days as a Girl Scout!  I was a Brownie and a Junior during those years and had so much fun learning and growing with my troop and my friends.  Back then, we didn’t do SWAPS like they do now so I am so thankful […]

Camp Doll Diaries – Make a Bunk Trunk

Camp Doll Diaries Bunk Trunk

When you are at camp, you need somewhere to put all your belongings. Today we are going to make a simple trunk for your dolls to use in their camp space. Now remember – this is your INSPIRATION – take these ideas, use what you have on hand and make it your own. I used […]

Quick Craft – Button Bracelets for Dolls

Easy doll bracelets from buttons

As part of Camp Doll Diaries preview week, Callie set up a station for the campers visiting Camp Doll Diaries for the morning to make some easy button bracelets.  You only need 3 supplies to make these fun bracelets: Buttons – any size (although small works better with dolls) – of course mine are from […]

Make Your Own Twilight Campfire for Dolls


As we continue our Camp Doll Diaries prep week, here is a quick craft you can make and use all summer long. Karen here and one of my fondest camping memories was our evening fires. We would spend the afternoon looking for the perfect branches for our evening bonfire and inspired by that camp memory […]

Let’s Fill The Cooler! Making Food For Your Dolls Camping Collection


Karen here and I am so excited to share today’s craft with you in time for this busy camping weekend. While you observe Memorial Day weekend, I thought you may like a fun and easy craft that you can do to add to your doll’s food collection. To make your own you will need: Grocery […]

Matching Dolly and Me Camp Bracelets Made by Finger Knitting


Karen here and my niece Thea and I had fun making these easy friendship bracelets for camp! When I went to camp years ago we would make a bracelet like this and then add a bead for each station we went to. Here is an easy tutorial for you to make a bracelet like this […]

Knitting Needles and Thread Quick Craft for Dolls

photo 4

This is a guest post from Peace. *** Here’s how you can make your dolls their own needles and yarn! Carefully cut wooden skewers for the needles, making sure to use the end with the point. Use a nail file or a piece of sandpaper to smooth out the end that was cut so you […]

May The 4th Be With You! Make Your Dolls Their Own Lightsaber!


Happy Star Wars Day! May the 4th be with you! For today’s fun holiday that my family loves to celebrate here is an easy craft you can do for your dolls. My husband asked me while I was making this why I am doing it in red (Red is Darth Vader’s Lightsaber Color) and my […]

Store Your Dolls Shoes In this Bench With Storage Craft


Karen here with a dollar store craft you can do easily and inexpensively for your own dolls and doll house. At our house we have a bench at the front door that has storage for shoes, mitts and hats. I saw this little storage box in the craft section of my dollar store and I […]