Quick Craft – Doll Zipper Belt

Zipper Belt

This doll zipper belt is a fun, fast, and colorful doll craft that fits perfectly with our theme of fashion this week! Supplies: 12 inch Coats and Clark Zipper Ribbon Aleene’s Permanent Fabric Tape Buttons Thread and Needle (I used Coats and Clark quilting thread) Scissors Use a 12 inch zipper.  This size zipper makes [...]

A Mom’s Review: Tulip Tie-Dye Kit

tie die kit review

I think all parents want to give their kids a fun filled summer break.  As a mother of two daughters I am always on the hunt for new activities to keep my girls from boredom.  When I was initially sent the Tulip Tie Dye Kit I was a little skeptical.   Really…tie dye with my kids?  [...]

Camp Doll Diaries – Make Doll Sushi out of Sculpey


Hi girls, Natalie here! What’s your favorite food? Mine has to be sushi – I just love it! What’s your favorite craft supply? Well, I like just about everything, but I love Sculpey clay. I have made the dolls so much food out of Sculpey but I had not made sushi yet. Time to change [...]

Quick Craft – Make A Double Sided Felt Story Board


Karen here and I am sharing with you how to make your own double sided felt story board. I have always loved paper dolls and when my own children were born I was thrilled with all the felt story boards that were on the market. I made them so many felt story boards and characters [...]

Easy and Colorful RUG for Your Dolls


Since we are all about cooking this week at Camp Doll Diaries, how about an easy and colorful kitchen rug for your doll’s space? Supplies: Pattern of desired shape and size Felt (pink) Yarn (Gumdrop by Red Heart Yarns) Scissors Small tip scissors Crochet hook Sharpie 1.  I used an oval plate for my pattern.  [...]

Isabelle Movie Watching Party

Isabelle movie watching party

In early June when I was looking for a “model” for my Dollie & Me review, we became fast friends with two little girls who were in The Little Mermaid with Natalie. When Belle told me she was going to have an Isabelle movie watching party, we decided it would be so much fun to [...]

Quick Craft – One of a Kind Doll Tees Using Tulip Fabric Markers

Tulip Fabric Markers on doll tees

We went to the fireworks last weekend so yesterday evening I enjoyed sitting out on the back deck relaxing – and doodling.  I took out a handful of our Tulip Fabric Markers and a few plain white doll tees from My Doll’s Life and started doodling this flower. I took the inspiration from a doodle [...]

Knit A Quick Tutu For Your Dolls For Canada Day!


Karen here wishing you a very Happy Canada Day from my home here on the West Coast of Canada! Canada Day is our National celebration and is celebrated July 1st . Canada is 147 years old! Today we will celebrate by attending a parade in our town and having a BBQ afterwards. Today’s doll craft [...]

Create Your Own Dolly Makeup and Hair Care Kit. An Altered Match Box Copy Cat Craft


Karen here and like many of you I saw the new Isabelle items that were added to the American Girl Website last week and I was so excited with Isabelle’s Makeup set. When I saw it I thought about the Altered Match Box Crafts I used to do and I knew it was an item [...]

Mini Patriotic Hammocks From Tie Dyed Tees

Hammock One

We dyed t-shirts for the Fourth of July and this one ended up with the bottom cut off so I decided to put the leftover pieces to good use in a project for Camp Doll Diaries this week. I cut the front and back pieces apart, removing the side stitching.  Then, I used rubber bands [...]

Make A Quick Full Skirt For Your Mini Doll


Karen here and I was just playing around with my Kunin Felt Blooming Floral Felt and was able to create a skirt for my mini doll in under 10 minutes! I thought this would be a fun craft to share with you for mini week. To make your own you will need: Kunin Felt  Scissors [...]

Make a Circo Mini Baby Changing Table

Changing Table main pic

The mini Circo Babies from Target make a perfect size infant doll for 18 inch dolls.  These babies are 8 inches long.  They are very inexpensive ranging $3-4 each separately or $9-24 in a set.  These babies can be purchased in a variety of skin tones.  Infant babies are mentioned several times throughout the American [...]

Quick Craft – Matching Girl and Doll Bag Tags Using Expressionery

Expressionery Bag Tags

At the beginning of the week you saw Isabelle and Carly discussing this week’s events in the drama room. Did you notice the little tag on Carly’s bag? It is literally a 5 minute craft that is just such a fun little detail! Earlier this month I received a shipment of fun stationery from our [...]

Outdoor Explorers Campfire Party and Doll Quilt

campfire party scene

Great job Outdoor Explorers on a fun filled first week at camp!  I can’t think of a better way to end the week than with a party!  Whether you are a pioneer from the past or a present day scout, a campfire roast is a great way to come together for good food and friendship.   [...]

Camp Doll Diaries- Go Exploring in a Covered Wagon!

A covered wagon for dolls

Welcome campers to the first day of Camp Doll Diaries!!  It is the start of many, many fun filled days with inspiration for doll play!  One of my favorite parts about Camp Doll Diaries is that the ideas for doll crafts and play are around a weekly theme.  Throughout the week there  will be a [...]

Camp Doll Diaries- Decorating the Tent or Cabin

Make a welcome bag for camp

Whether your campers are roughing it in tents (my favorite way to camp!) or have set up cabins, it is fun to add a few camp decorations to the scene! Our cabin is all set up and Rebecca has a few ideas to share! Rebecca came to camp early to set up.  She is part [...]

Getting Ready For Camp!


Karen here and I am getting so excited about the start of Camp Doll Diaries 2014 that I wanted to share with you how camper Ruthie and I are setting up for Camp! Laura Kelly designed these wonderful banners for camp this year and I wanted to make mine reusable. So today I am sharing [...]

Button Up Doll Sized Shoe Fashion

Saige Buttons Shoes

Check out these adorable shoes that Saige now has in her shoe collection.  Being that she loves art and creativity, it is only fitting that she would have shoes that have been covered in bright buttons to add to her fashion wardrobe.  I made this in a matter of minutes as in about fifteen…yep that [...]

Doll Craft-Make a Cake to Celebrate Camp!

Make a doll size cake

Time to celebrate!  Camp Doll Diaries is just around the corner!  Rebecca asked the local bakery to put an edible image of the camp logo on the cake she ordered.  What a perfect dessert to serve at the pre-camp staff meeting! She loves the way it turned out and wants to order another one from [...]

Cinco de Mayo: Blender and Frozen Drinks

Cinco de mayo scene

It’s never too late for a Cinco de Mayo party!!  Camila has her ice, limes, and blender ready to make some tasty frozen drinks.  Let the party begin! When I was designing the blender, I wanted to make it had two pitchers for added play.  The first pitcher was to have the ice, the second [...]