Reader Made: Inspired by Grace’s Bistro Set


One of our readers, Mariah, was inspired to make her own version of Grace’s Bistro Set and has shared the finished result with us. *** Here is the inspiration piece – American Girl Grace’s Bistro Set. I created the sign and menu online and decorated a piece of cardboard with ribbon. I used my own [...]

A Summery Hair Bow for Dolls

Hair bow for dolls-8

There is nothing like a hair accessory to add a little fun to a doll outfit! This tidy little bow is light, airy and just right for summer! I could not resist the oversized bow!  Keep in mind you can make this little bow in any size, depending on the size of fabric strips you [...]

Springfield Doll Outfit Refresh With Tulip Fabric Markers


Karen here and today I am sharing my tips for giving your doll’s t-shirt a refresh using Tulip Fabric Markers. I have had this Springfield Doll Collection Pullover shirt for more than a year now and I love it, but I always wanted to make it more colorful. Tulip Fabric Markers have made that idea [...]

Serve Up Doll Size Ice Cream

Icecream for dolls

I love the single serving size ice cream containers sold in the grocery store for doll play.  To add more play value to the container I added my own clay ice cream. The container is such a great size for dolls! Fill it up with ice cream to serve up a doll size treat anytime! [...]

Easy No Sew Pillow for Dolls

No sew pillow for 18" dolls like American Girl

When it comes to decorating, I have a new favorite accessory – pillows. I am not sure why they didn’t really “speak” to me until recently, but they didn’t. I decided to take this new love of pillows to the dolls and with a scrap of white bandana fabric, some Aleene’s fabric tape and my [...]

Doll Craft: French Crepe Making Set

Doll Craft - French Crepe Making Set

Have you ever had crepes? They are one of my favorites – they are a lot like a very thin pancake and you can fill them with sweet things or savory things – either way, so yummy. One of our readers, Michelle, made a Crepe Making set for her dolls and was kind enough to [...]

Doll Breakfast With the Easter Bunny

Doll Easter Breakfast

My family loves Easter Morning!  From the hunt to find baskets, to our traditional Easter breakfast, to new outfits and church services, we adore this day.  Here’s how I planned a doll version of this special morning for you… Let’s have breakfast with the Easter Bunny!  Attached you will find a PDF mask printable; one [...]

Make An Easter Egg Display Plate For Your Dolls


Karen here and I have been having so much fun using Pluffy Sculpey Clay to create items for my dolls food and kitchen collections for Easter. Today I wanted to share a fun way to make an Easter Display Plate for your dolls Easter Eggs. To make your own you will need: White or pastel [...]

Make Easter Bread For Your Dolls


Karen here and today I wanted to share an oven bake Sculpey clay craft you can make for your dolls food collection this Easter Season! To make your own you will need: Sculpey Clay (I used two colors to give a nice toasted and egg washed look to my bread) Mini egg’s from Michael’s Hot [...]

Dollhouse Easter Wreath

Dollhouse easter wreath

As soon as the St. Patrick’s Day decorations come down, the Easter décor goes up!  I love all of the egg wreaths that I have seen on display in the stores.  I wanted to recreate a doll sized egg wreath for Easter. Supplies: Styrofoam ring  3-1/2 inch ( Plastic min eggs ( I found these [...]

Quick and Easy Doll Bracelet

Doll Bracelet-8

I love to find quick and easy ways to create fun doll fashion! On a recent walk through the jewelry aisle I saw sparkly wrap bracelets that caught my eye.  I wanted to recreate the look for dolls using the simplest supplies. Wrap bracelets in general are made from a single strip, wrapped around the [...]

Make a Doll Pin Cushion

Pin cushions for dolls-9

Eliza is reaching for a few pins on her new pin cushion! Make a mini pin cushion, it’s perfect for doll play and even useful for you! Let’s see how it’s made! Supplies: fabric circle (mine is 4 1/2″ across the middle)) bottle cap needle thread cotton batting glue (not pictured) To start, stitch around [...]

Once Upon A Time…Emma Swan doll

American Girl Doll Emma Swan

In my house, ABCs hit series Once Upon A Time is a huge hit!  My daughters and I look forward to the show every Sunday evening.  We can’t wait to see what tantalizing spell is being cooked up next.  And of course we just LOVE the heroine of the show, Emma Swan, the daughter of [...]

Create A Mini Doll Bakery Play Set


Karen here and I found some fun bakery themed scrapbook paper at Michael’s the craft store and it is the perfect print size for the mini dolls. I knew that if I brought it home I could make a mini doll bakery play set. Here is how you can use a 33 cent piece of [...]

St. Patrick’s Day Dollhouse Décor

St. Patrick's Day Dollhouse Banner

My daughters and I were walking through Michael’s craft store when my oldest grabbed my phone and took a picture of a St. Patrick’s Day banner she saw hanging up.  She gave me that oh please mommy look and asked if I could make a banner for the dollhouse.  Well of course!! I loved the [...]

Colorful Flower Pillow

Make a flower pillow for dolls-8

Sometimes you need a bright and cheery craft!  This little flower pillow hit the spot for me this week as we got snow day after day. You can make the flower pillow in any color to match the decor but my favorite part is the texture and dimension of the pillow! I drew inspiration for [...]

Make Your Mini Doll A Shamrock Hat For St. Patrick’s Day


Karen here and today I am sharing a quick craft to make your mini dolls a Shamrock hat for St. Patrick’s day. This is a simple and fun craft you can do with kids of all ages and uses recycled items to create something new! To make your own Shamrock Hat for your mini dolls [...]

Little House on the Prairie Doll Birthday Party

Little House on the Prairie  Doll Birthday Party

I wanted to share with the Doll Diaries readers the Little House on the Prairie birthday party I had for my daughter’s 10th birthday.  A pioneer lunch, doll craft, pilot showing, and doll play were planned.  My daughter wanted to have a pioneer lunch with a few of her friends.  I purchased enamelware dishes on-line [...]

Doll Fashion Fun – Beach Inspired Hair Beads

5 BOHO hair beads

As soon as the American Girl Spring release came out, I looked for new items for the beach scene.  The Boho Beachy Swimwear and the Beachy Hair Beads caught my attention.  Since I had already purchased the in-store exclusive two piece swimwear for 2015, I decided to wait on the Boho swimwear, but I had [...]

Create A Shabby Chic Table Lamp For Your Dolls Room


I found the most adorable solar powered lamps at my dollar store and I knew I had to take one home and personalize it for my dolls room. You can easily transform these inexpensive working lamps into a great doll accessory in just a matter of minutes! To create your own you will need: A [...]