Guest Review of Isabelle’s Movie


We are getting together with some friends on Friday to  have an Isabelle movie watching party – complete with some crafts – but first, I thought I would share  guest review of the movie from Sydney. *** Last night, my BFF and I were bored because there was a thunderstorm. We were surfing online and [...]

American Girl Sale – Complete Your Saige Collection

American Girl Saige Sale

If there are any items from American Girl of the Year 2013 Saige’s collection that you did not get a chance to buy while she was out, go check the American Girl Sale section now! There are currently five items from Saige’s collection listed on the AG for sale: Tunic Outfit – was $29, now [...]

Throwback Thursday – Kit & Ruthie


American Girl Kit and Ruthie are definitely favorites at Doll Diaries and based on some of the photos you have sent it, they are your favorites, too! The first set of photos are from Angela. Here are some photos of Kit and Ruthie in their outfits. Includes: Kit and Ruthie’s Meet Outfits, Pajama’s, Christmas Outfits, [...]

Entrepreneur Hiking Guide JoJo & her CAMP STOVE

Camp Stove

Entrepreneur JoJo started a Hiking Guide business to make some spending money.  At the end of her hikes she offers her hikers a cookout.  JoJo’s favorite thing to cook on is her Camp Stove.  Here is a fun way to make a Camp Stove for your doll… My inspiration for JoJo’s Camp Stove is American [...]

Giveaway – Complete McDonald’s Happy Meal Isabelle Toy Set – ENDED


UPDATED WITH A WINNER! Congratulations Laurie – please check your inbox! One of our awesome readers sent me a complete set of 8 Isabelle Happy Meal toys to giveaway to ONE lucky Doll Diaries reader. If you didn’t have the chance to get these while they were available at McDonald’s, now is your chance to [...]

Camp Doll Diaries – Miss Dolly Liberty

Dolly Liberty

I don’t know a better way to celebrate this wonderful patriotic week than to create a crown, sash, and torch for a “Miss Dolly Liberty.” Supplies: Duck Tape brand tape in their flag pattern Bendable straws (25) Pipe Cleaners (red and blue) Pompoms (white) Hot glue gun Scissors Tape Measure I measured and cut a [...]

Coconut Cutie Outfit Review by Melangell


Thanks to Melangell for this sweet review of the new Coconut Cutie Outfit! *** I purchased this on the day after the release, June 27, 2014 at the DC store. This outfit totally won me over, it is so cute and versatile. It contains many pieces that will work for mix and match, especially with [...]

American Girl Place New York Mini Tour with Julia

AGPNY window displays

Just a quick note before I share these photos from Julia – there will be no Doll Diaries Picks this week, instead I will be cleaning out my inbox! This means I will be sharing some of the photo stories and posts that readers have sent over the past few weeks (I can’t post them [...]

More Photos of New American Girl Releases from Madelon

New American Girl Items

Thanks to Madelon who went to the American Girl store and took loads of photos of the new items for us! Enjoy! New tent. How cute is the Dalmatian?  Bitty Baby Celebration Set Matching girl dresses Thanks again Madelon! It alwayes helps to have “real life” photos of the items! Now that you have seen [...]

An Up Close Look at the New My AG #61

My American Girl #61 MyAG 61

Madelon just happened to be at an American Girl store yesterday and decided to add the new My AG #61 to her doll family. Here are a few of her photos. Here she is in her box. Lid off! (Note from Char – I can’t wait until the My AG’s get a new meet outfit! [...]

Throwback Thursday – Retired AG GOTY Jess

Throwback Jess 540

This week we are looking at retired American Girl of the Year Jess from 2006. We went to AGPNY in August of 2006 and now I really wish we would have bought Jess or at least some of her collection while we were there. You can see some of the photos in the Throwback Jess [...]

New Releases from American Girl

New American Girl Release

So… have you looked at all the new release items from American Girl yet? Were you disappointed or did your wish list just get longer? Personally I think this was a great release – especially if you like pets!!  Things I LOVE: Isabelle’s new outfit and her makeup set – yep, going to order that [...]

New Releases Coming Out from American Girl This Week


This tent and outdoors set is just one of the items coming out from American Girl later this week (Wednesday, I believe) as part of their summer release.  American Girl posted this photo on their Facebook page. I have also heard from a reliable source that they are coming out with many new outfits, new [...]

Camp Doll Diaries-Make a Tent for Mini Dolls

Make a Tent for American Girl Mini Dolls

I went to a girl’s camp with my daughter a few weeks ago and just like Kit here, I was one of the campers that slept in.  Ya, Kit and I have something in common.  We have so much fun around the campfire at night talking, laughing and making s’mores that we don’t get to [...]

Camp Doll Diaries-Make a Picnic Spot for Your Mini Dolls

Make a picnic spot for your mini dolls!

What a nice day for a picnic!  Kirsten is enjoying her picnic spot in the woods today. She came up with a few friends to enjoy the mountain air,… have lunch… and roast marshmallows over a campfire.  She loves day trips to enjoy beautiful places and be out in nature! Make a picnic spot for [...]

Make a Circo Mini Baby Changing Table

Changing Table main pic

The mini Circo Babies from Target make a perfect size infant doll for 18 inch dolls.  These babies are 8 inches long.  They are very inexpensive ranging $3-4 each separately or $9-24 in a set.  These babies can be purchased in a variety of skin tones.  Infant babies are mentioned several times throughout the American [...]

Happy Birthday Kirsten


While American Girl character Kirsten is retired, she sure is popular still. One of the original three, Kirsten’s stories continue to be favorites for girls of all ages. Today is Kirsten’s birthday and we have a few birthday wishes for her. Our Kirsten with her friends Elizabeth and Samantha in the background. ?From Shelby-Grace: Happy [...]

Outdoor Explorers Campfire Party and Doll Quilt

campfire party scene

Great job Outdoor Explorers on a fun filled first week at camp!  I can’t think of a better way to end the week than with a party!  Whether you are a pioneer from the past or a present day scout, a campfire roast is a great way to come together for good food and friendship.   [...]

Camp Doll Diaries- Go Exploring in a Covered Wagon!

A covered wagon for dolls

Welcome campers to the first day of Camp Doll Diaries!!  It is the start of many, many fun filled days with inspiration for doll play!  One of my favorite parts about Camp Doll Diaries is that the ideas for doll crafts and play are around a weekly theme.  Throughout the week there  will be a [...]

Kaya in Her Jingle Dress


Hi girls! I am so ready for school to be out because I have so much photography I really want to do. I have so many ideas for stopmotions and want to spend time helping my Mom and the other Doll Diaries team with Camp Doll Diaries. Yesterday after swim practice the sun was just [...]