Throwback Thursday – Ice Skating

02 Mia 540

When I was talking with one of the girls I met at American Girl DC yesterday, she said one of her favorite things on Doll Diaries is Throwback Thursdays – and I can see why. It is so much fun to look back into the archives and see what was available, how styles have changed [...]

Isabelle Photos from American Girl Atlanta

American Girl Isabelle

Diana visited the AG store in Atlanta for Isabelle’s debut and was able to get a whole lot better in-store photos than I was!! Here are some of her photos for you to enjoy. Isabelle in her meet outfit consisting of the color graphic tee, metallic denim capri length pants and gold dance shoes. This [...]

Oh What a Day! Isabelle’s Debut

American Girl Isabelle

Oh wow! Just wow! Anyone who was brave enough to go to one of the American Girl stores today can tell you, Isabelle is a HIT! We were at the DC store last year for Saige’s debut and it was NOTHING compared to Isabelle’s. I have never seen so many people – it was crazy! [...]

2014 AG GOTY Performance Outfit

1 Lanie in performance outfit

What an exciting morning! The AG Atlanta store was full,  but we got there early and were one of the first to  get inside.   Isabelle’s Collection is very nice but I was disappointed in that there was no discount savings for purchasing the “Starter Collection”, therefore I decided to just pick an choose what I [...]

Isabelle’s World

American Girl Isabelle

So, have gone to check it all out yet? Isabelle’s whole world is now available on the American Girl site… What do you like? What don’t you like?  We are going to American Girl DC today to check out Isabelle’s World for ourselves. I know that Isabelle is coming home with us, but what else, [...]

Sneak Peek of New American Girl Items for Winter 2014

5 closer look tennis oufit

American Girl’s new 2014  items are in the stores, except for Isabelle and her collection.  Today I had the opportunity to visit the Atlanta store and bring you these first hand pictures.  There were no new items for historical dolls and there were no sale items.   Let’s take a look…. We start with the 2014 [...]

Farewell to Saige – A Roundup of Saige Inspired Crafts and Posts

Farewell Saige

Wow, that year went by fast! I can vividly remember this time last year – the buzz about Saige’s debut, going to AG DC on January 1st to get her (yes, we will be there tomorrow to get Isabelle) and those first Saige review photos! It is time to say goodbye to Saige, but we [...]

NEW American Girl Valentine’s Items

American Girl Valentine Set

One of our readers, AGHoneySpot, visited the American Girl San Francisco store yesterday and they had some new items out already. The Pretty Pink outfit is $28 and includes a sleeveless dress, sandals and a bracelet. The Friends are Sweet set is $20. It’s always fun to see the new items as they come out. [...]

American Girl to Reveal GOTY 2014 Isabelle on GMA 12/31

American Girl GOTY 2014 Isabelle on Good Morning America

In case you have not checked the American Girl website yet, they have announced that they are going to reveal the new GOTY 2014, Isabelle Palmer on Good Morning America. So, set your alarm clock and your DVR to catch all the fun on Tuesday, December 31st between 7-9 am to get the “exclusive” first [...]

Let’s Have Some Fun with Isabelle’s Game

Isabella fashion 1

Diana again! American Girl released a Fashion Design game using Isabelle’s fashions and I thought it would be fun to see what you can create.  It is simple if you follow these instructions, we will post your design on Monday. Instructions:  Use the link: to get to the fashion design game.   Then using the [...]

Throwback Thursday Molly and Emily


As American Girl Molly and Emily head into the archives, I thought it would be fun to do yet another Throwback Thursday featuring these two. One of our readers, Molly M, has almost the entire Molly and Emily collection – the first 13 photos are from her. Thank you so much Molly!! Molly’s full collection [...]

American Girl Site Has GOTY 2014 Clues

American Girl of the Year 2014 Isabelle

American Girl has put some clues of their own about Isabelle, the GOTY 2014 on their website.  From the Fashion Studio Game (which uses pieces from her wardrobe) to the video clips you can unlock each day until her debut, American Girl is doing something they have not done in a while – give clues [...]

Photos of Mini Isabelle

Mini GOTY 2014 Isabelle

One of the Doll Diaries readers, Toby, already has mini Isabelle in hand. She was ordered via the as a pre-order and arrived today. Isabelle in her meet outfit. You can’t really see the pink unless you lift up the back of her hair. Her mini Isabelle book, too. Mini Isabelle is also available [...]

Sneak Peek – GOTY 2014 Isabelle’s Collection

American Girl of the Year 2014 Isabelle

It is that time of year again… the buzz is all about the next American Girl of the Year, sneak peeks of her collection, and anticipation of getting her. We will be going to the American Girl store on January 1st for her debut and will get her then, but it is nice to see [...]

Throwback Thursday American Girl of the Year McKenna


So, better late on Thursday than not at all! It is time to take a look at the retired GOTY 2012, McKenna. We will start with my farewell to McKenna photo featuring McKenna and her friends modeling most of her outfits. From left to right Gwen, Ivy, Alex, Callie and Emily. From americangirldollcraz – McKenna’s [...]

Julie and Ivy’s Christmas Photos

American Girl Julie and Ivy

Most of our dolls are still trying to get their Christmas outfits ready for the big celebration this weekend, but Julie and Ivy are ahead of the game and were ready for their photos this morning. In the 1970′s – the time frame for Julie and Ivy’s stories – the Polaroid Instamatic cameras were popular. [...]

Throwback Thursday – Retired American Girl Holiday Outfits


Throwback Thursday is BACK!! Today we are looking at retired American Girl Holiday Outfits – and some of them are just so gorgeous! From Laura - Here is Sophie (#25) in the retired Ruby & Ribbon dress from 2010. The dress also included a silvery white sweater (not shown), stockings, flats, and a headband (not shown). [...]

Cece’s Christmas Pictures – Which One Should She Use?

American Girl Cecile

Of all the dresses that American Girl has ever made, Cecile’s Special Dress has to be one of my favorites. I have debated getting it ever since it came out, but once I received Cecile, I knew I just couldn’t wait any longer – and good thing I acted when I did – Cecile’s Special [...]

More Photos of American Girl Isabelle


So, a few of our readers have shared that someone already has the new American Girl GOTY 2014 and has taken multiple photos of her out of the box and with her other dolls.  You can see more of the photos here: DollyDormDiaries. This is the first I have heard of this blog but they [...]

AG Limited Edition – Princess Outfit

4 top of dress

American Girl’s Limited Edition Princess outfit was displayed at the Atlanta store for the special private shopping event.  It was available for purchase before Black Friday.  Here are some detailed pictures…. The window display,  promoting the princess outfit. One of two dolls dressed in the princess outfit as you enter the store. Here is the [...]

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