New American Girl Holiday Collection for 2014

American Girl Holiday 2014 Collection

American Girl is getting pretty good about sneak peeking their own things these days. Last night they posted a link to a sneak peek of their new Holiday Collection on Pinterest.  These items will be available on the website and in stores October 9, 2014. I have mixed reactions to this release. I just love [...]

Throwback Thursday Lanie

photo (19)

Happy rainy Thursday. Something tells me Lanie, the focus of today’s Throwback Thursday, would take today’s rain as an invitation to go play in the puddles!  Here is my retired Lanie doll With her my American girl Science set. From From Renee - This is Ella modeling Lanie’s retired red tee set. The rest of these photos [...]

Rebecca in her New Holiday Outfit

American Girl Rebecca Beforever Holiday Dress

Rebecca would like to wish all of our Jewish friends a Happy Rosh Hashanah today. And she would also like to show you her new Holiday dress that is part of the new American Girl Beforever line. This dress is definitely one of my favorites from this release! Rebecca’s Holiday Outfit is a beautiful periwinkle blue [...]

American Girl New Store Openings and More

American Girl Vancouver

For readers in the Charlotte, NC area, the grand opening will be October 11-12 at South Park Mall. Similar to many of the American Girl Store Grand Openings, they will be giving tickets to people in line and letting shoppers into the store in groups as they are expecting a very large crowd. From what I [...]

A Closer Look at Samantha’s Frilly Frock Outfit

American Girl Samantha Frilly Frock Outfit

Samantha and her great friend Rebecca both got new dresses recently. Samantha got the Frilly Frock and Rebecca got a new holiday dress.  Let’s take a closer look at Samantha’s outfit and in an upcoming post we will look at Rebeccas’s dress, too. Samantha is headed to Grandmary’s for tea this afternoon and has decided [...]

Throwback Thursday – Retired American Girl Pajamas


Happy Thursday! Let’s take a look at one of my favorite categories of doll clothes – American Girl doll pajamas! The first four photos are from Heather. My dolls had a fun pajama party! I own a lot of the 1996 pajama party collection so it was fun to recreate it. The historical pajamas that [...]

3 Girls 1 Outfit – Julie’s Floral Jumpsuit

Julie Floral Jumpsuit

With the launch of BeForever with American Girl all the Historical Character’s have new outfits in their collections.  I love the emphasis and attention given to the historical dolls.  Today I wanted to spotlight an outfit that’s been in Julie’s collection for a while,  Julie’s Floral Jumpsuit. This outfit comes with an attached belt and [...]

Let’s Take a Look at American Girl Samantha’s New Bed

American Girl Samantha's New Bed

This is a guest review from Elizabeth! *** Hi! This is Elizabeth from I was at the American Girl Store recently and picked up Samantha and her new bed. I wasn’t sure just how much assembly would be required to put it together and I was pleased to find it was quite easy and [...]

Throwback Thursday – American Girl Cecile

Cecile stroll

So, I know that American Girl just now retired Marie Grace and Cécile, but the way I see it is that we haven’t featured Cécile enough as it is, so it will be fun to take another look at her and her now retired collection. From Pine Valley Girls Club- This is our Cecile Collection! Special thanks [...]

Julie’s Egg Chair Review from Kristen

American Girl Julie Egg Chair Review

One of our Doll Diaries community members, Kristen, was lucky enough to get Julie’s Egg Chair the day it came out and has been kind enough to take photos and send her review to us to enjoy! *** When I first saw this chair online, I couldn’t wait to see it in stores (and to [...]

Kit’s New American Girl BeForever Meet Dress

American Girl BeForever Kit Outfit

One of the new BeForever outfits from American Girl I have liked from the start is Kit’s new outfit. It’s simple and I like the colors.  Now in the big scheme of things, this outfit is NOT one of the best values you can get from American Girl. It is $36 and only includes a [...]

A Closer Look at Julie’s New Holiday Dress

American Girl Julie Holiday Dress

When we were at the American Girl store for the BeForever launch, I had given myself a challenge – you can only buy ONE outfit today (Natalie buying Rebecca didn’t count – that was her money she had saved all summer). I considered Kit’s new meet dress, Rebecca’s new holiday dress, Samantha’s Frilly Frock and [...]

Throwback Thursday – Denim


It’s time for another installment of Throwback Thursday! Today we are looking at some of the retired American Girl outfits that were denim. Megan’s Nicole modeling the Ready for Fun Meet outfit from 2004. From Hope – Marie Grace modeling the American Girl ‘Play Outfit’ from 1998. From Erica W - Sally in the very first meet outfit [...]

Doll of the Week – American Girl Rebecca

American Girl Rebecca

Back by popular demand, but in a slightly different format, is our Doll of the Week series. It started out as a Doll of the Day series in February 2013 and I had a lot of fun doing the series, but it was a ton of work and took my time away from other types [...]

More Photos from the BeForever Launch

BeForever trunk

Are you ready for a REALLY long post? I have a whole bunch more photos to upload from our visit to AGDC this week and if I don’t just get them uploaded today, it may never happen.  If you are looking for the Samantha photos look here and Addy’s photos are here and the girl [...]

American Girl BeForever Debut Photos – Addy

Three American Girl Addy Dolls

I really need to perfect my photo taking process when I go to AG – I always think I’m taking a ton of photos, then I get home and realize I forgot to take certain photos. This definitely happened at the BeForever debut. I didn’t get all the Addy photos I needed to get, but [...]

Samantha’s High Strap Boots

American Girl Samantha's High Strap Boots

I have to admit, when I first saw the high strap boots that are featured as part of Samantha’s Frilly Frock outfit I could not decide if I liked them or not. They have become a point of fascination and I just had to go look for myself how historically accurate they are. Right on [...]

New Inspired by BeForever Outfits for Girls at American Girl

American Girl Kit inspired BeForever outfit for girls

I think my biggest disappointment at the BeForever debut yesterday was coming to the realization that my own daughters are too old to wear the fabulous new Inspired by BeForever line of American Girl clothes for girls!! The new pieces are fabulous! Each BeForever character has an outfit for girls that was inspired by her [...]

American Girl BeForever Samantha Debut Photos

American Girl BeForever Samantha Collection

As most of you know, my daughters and I went to the American Girl store this morning for the BeForever debut. I took so many photos that I don’t really even know where to start, so I figured Samantha would be a good place. Samantha was one of the original three American Girl dolls introduced [...]

BeForever Debut at AGDC Part 1

American Girl BeForever Samantha

So we just got back from the BeForever debut at AGDC (a big shout out to all the fabulous fans we got to chat with today!!) and my initial reaction is that AG did a GREAT job with this release. Knowing full well that people by nature are resistant to change and that you will [...]