Throwback Thursday – Felicity and Elizabeth


American Girl Felicity and Elizabeth will always hold a special place in my heart. Felicity was the first AG doll I bought for myself and Megan sold lemonade one entire summer to save up money to buy Elizabeth herself. Their story takes place in Colonial Williamsburg, which is one of my favorite places to visit [...]

Get a Sneak Peek of Grace’s Movie on TV Tonight

American Girl Grace Movie on Master Chef Jr

In case you had not already seen this, they are airing a preview from An American Girl: Grace Stirs Up Success on Master Chef Junior tonight (February 17) at 8 pm ET or 7 pm CT on FOX. You will need to check your local listings for the exact time and channel. UPDATE: There are [...]

3 Dolls 1 Outfit- Rebecca’s School Outfit

Rebecca's School Outfit-10

The dolls are doing some clothes swapping today with Rebecca’s School Outfit. Rebecca has honey-brown hair and hazel eyes so we are mixing it up and trying her outfit on 3 dolls with different hair and eye colors. Rebecca’s School Set sweater skirt and attached underwaist boots white stockings (not pictured) blue hair bow (not [...]

American Girl 2015 Spring Release Miami Store

9 close up of chair n cart

What a collection of new and exciting items for this 2015 Spring release!  Samantha received most of the new items, but there were plenty of other new items to go around to the other collections.  The big WOW item is of course Samantha’s Gazebo, which has been delayed from China but should arrive by March [...]

Toy Fair, the New AG Release and Other Updates

photo (1)

My absolute FAVORITE doll event of the year is coming up this weekend and unfortunately I will not be there. That is right, I will not be at Toy Fair this year. It makes me so very sad, but with the timing of my move, it just couldn’t happen. Luckily, Laura will be at Toy [...]

Carol’s NOT $500 Patisserie

DIY Grace Patisserie

One of the things we love most at Doll Diaries is CREATIVITY – and taking inspiration from our favorite brands and making our own versions. Carol sent in a few photos of her version of Grace’s Patisserie – I think it turned out fantastic – what do you think? *** Using several red cardboard display [...]

Little House on the Prairie Dolls

little house on the prairie dolls

 I have been a long time lover of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s cherished Little House on the Prairie books, as well as the captivating TV series.  I was thrilled when my daughters became so intrigued with them too!  We have had much snuggle time curled up together reading the books and watching the shows.     [...]

Fall and Winter Outfits from Our Generation

American Girl dolls wearing Our Generation outfits

One of our readers, JGKelsey, has put together a nice feature on some fall and winter outfits from Our Generation for us. *** The weather warmed up for a few days here in the Midwest.  Since it was so nice out Alexis, Madison, and Samantha modeled some new winter outfits that they got this fall. [...]

Throwback Thursday – American Girl Kaya

Kaya 2014

American Girl Kaya is the focus of this week’s Throwback Thursday – not so much from the standpoint of looking at retired items from her collection, but as a real look back at history! Julie used her Kaya as part of a school project from the looks of it. From Karina - This is my Kaya [...]

4 Dolls 1 Outfit- Caroline’s Travel Outfit

Caroline's Travel Outfit

The dolls are into Caroline’s closet today.  They are taking turns trying on Caroline Travel Outfit with the Spencer Jacket and Hat.  This outfit is inspired by clothing that was popular in the early 1800′s.  It is full of fun details from the design of the jacket, to the matching felt hat, to the delicate [...]

Throwback Thursday – Baking


Today’s Throwback Thursday theme is baking and I really thought we would have more entries! First we have a photo from Heather and the rest are photos from our collection. From Heather H - Kirsten is busy baking cupcakes from American Girl baking items of 2007 and 2010. From Nonna - This is Jenny’s Baking Set from [...]

A Closer Look at Articulation or Poseability in 18 Inch Dolls

1 Grils at the park

So many centuries have come and gone and with each one the doll world has grown and developed in so many ways.  What would our ancestors say when introduced to today’s dolls?   Now as a doll lover I look for dolls that speak out to me, so the facial expression is always number one, but [...]

Photo Story – Grace’s Adventure

5 Grace goes to the Bistro

It is my New Year tradition to take the AG GOTY on an adventure as soon as she arrives, so what was Grace’s adventure? Grace sleeps soundly, since she had a long trip to her new home.  She was welcomed to a new bedroom which she truly enjoyed.  Her AG  bed is nice and soft [...]

Throwback Thursday – Lindsey AG’s First GOTY

American Girl Lindsey

American Girl Lindsey came out in 2001 and was originally promoted as a limited edition doll – not a Girl of the Year. She wasn’t a big hit at the time and many Lindsey dolls ended up being given away. It wasn’t until a few years later that the secondary market for Lindsey took off [...]

AG Pastry Cart and Bistro Set – Review

12 Pastry cart

As part of Grace’s collection there are two very cute sets: Pastry Cart &  Bistro Table & Chair, let’s take a closer look. Grace is going shopping for some baking supplies, but is it winter in Massachusetts, so let’s take a look at her outfit.  It is made up of  two OG sets, both being [...]

A Closer Look – Grace in the Sunshine

American Girl Grace

As Diana mentioned in a recent comment, American Girl Grace is a true brunette which means she actually has various shades of brown in her hair – and if you take her in the sunlight you can definitely the depth of color in her hair. Natalie took Grace outside this afternoon for a quick photoshoot [...]

Welcoming Grace with a Word Seach Puzzle and a Fashion Show

Rebecca Friends

We are so excited about welcoming Grace into our doll family here at the Walters home and doll studio. Let me start by saying that going to her debut at the Denver American Girl Doll store was an awesome adventure. We had to wait in line but during that time we made new friends and [...]

Side by Side – McKenna, Grace and Chrissa

American Girl McKenna, Grace and Chrissa comparison

We have had quite a few requests via various channels for a side by side comparison of Grace, McKenna and Chrissa. Natalie was nice enough to take a few minutes this afternoon and get photos for me. American Girl GOTY 2012 McKenna modeling Grace’s meet outfit; Grace wearing her fabulous PJs, and GOTY 2009 Chrissa [...]

More Grace Photos and Notes from Our Trip to AGDC

American Girl Grace Thomas GOTY 2015 photos

Anytime I go to an American Girl store I take photos – lots of photos. I shared my first set of photos from the Grace debut last night, and Karen shared hers, too, but in going through my camera card, there were some good ones that did not make the first round. I still have [...]

Welcoming Grace to Vancouver


Karen here and I just got back from Welcoming Grace to our Vancouver Store and meeting up with our wonderful Vancouver Doll Community! I was in line handing out postcards and hair elastics at 10:30 this morning before the 11 am opening! I got to meet some wonderful and excited doll lovers who all braved [...]