Sandi Holder

Sandi Holder, author of Barbie - A Rare Beauty and owner of the Doll Attic

A few weeks ago I did a review of the book, Barbie – A Rare Beauty by Sandi Holder, and last week I got the opportunity to catch up with Sandi on the phone and ask her about her collection, her new Barbie museum, trends in collecting and such.  Sandi is truly passionate about Barbie and loves that Barbie brings so much joy to so many. Here are some of the highlights of our conversation:

Char: What inspired you to publish Barbie- A Rare Beauty?

Sandi: Putting together the book was the result of loving what I do and wanting to share the fun of Barbie with others. The book took two years to put together and Mattel has been very supportive throughout the process and even offers the book for sale through Barbie Collector.  One comment I continue to hear about the book is how it is just such a walk down memory lane for people.

Char: The Doll Attic has a new home – tell me about the new store and what it has to offer.

Sandi: The new Doll Attic is one of a kind Barbie display, which was recreated in life size form from actual vintage Barbie structures. No where else in the world will you be able to see such a display. Our new location is especially designed as “eye candy” for collectors, and we’ve dedicated the extra space to display the best parts of my personal Barbie Doll collection for you to enjoy. The Doll Attic consists of a showroom and doll museum containing thousands of dolls and licensed products. In the museum we have tried to represent every era of Barbie, from early Vintage Dolls and Licensed Products, on through Mod, and all the way through to the Barbie Fashion Model Collection Silkstone items. Many one of a kind and prototype items are on display also. Everything in the showroom is for sale and you can find the latest Barbie collectibles, some vintage items and more.

Doll Attic Barbie Museum

Some of the 1000's of dolls in Sandi Holder's Barbie Museum. View more at

Char: What are your favorite new Barbies?

Sandi: I love the Silkstone Barbies. The silkstone  line celebrated its 10th anniversary and the 2011 silkstone dolls have a  Russian theme. Robert Best is the designer for the silkstone collection and they just announced that he will be designing a Francie in silkstone. Mattel is also working on more celebrity dolls, dolls from the popular Dynasty TV show, and there will be more Twilight dolls coming soon, too.

Char: Is there anything else new for 2011?

Sandi: Barbie’s boyfriend Ken celebrates his 50th in 2011. The National Barbie Convention will be held in Ft. Lauderdale this year and the theme will be “Where The Boys Are” in honor of Ken’s 50th.

Vintage Bubble Cut Barbie Char: What advice would you give new collectors? There are so many beautiful Barbies – how do you pick what line to collect?

Sandi: Find the dolls you like and build your collection from there. Instead of trying to complete a series or collecting dolls you think will be most valuable, collect based on the dolls you find most interesting. My personal favorite is the vintage bubble cut doll. And, don’t think the doll has to be mint in box to be worth collecting – some of my favorite dolls are ones that have been played with.

I’d like to thank Sandi for taking time to talk with me and share some of her love for Barbie at the same time! If you are in the San Francisco area, you should definitely stop in the Doll Attic and visit. To purchase a signed version of Sandi’s book, Barbie – A Rare Beauty, visit her book’s page at Doll Attic.