In Sunday’s Showcase post I briefly mentioned the charity project that Ali from YouTube channel girloftheyearstudios has started, but I thought it might be interesting for our readers to get a little more insight into the project directly from Ali herself! 

Ali GOTYS Christmas AnGels project

But first, a bit of background:

Ali has decided to make a goal of raising enough money through the advertising money she receives from people watching four different videos she made to buy 10 American Girl dolls and then donate them to girls in need across the country. Now, you don’t have to do anything but watch her videos in order to help. You get entertained (Ali’s videos are ALWAYS good) and Ali raises money so she and other AGTubers can help make someone else’s day a little happier. Easy peasy. 


DollDiaries: What inspired you to take on this project?

GOTYS: Well I suppose like many of my ideas, they just pop into my head at weird times. It was inspired by another project I’m doing too, actually. I’ve been trying to finish this cancer donation project for 2 years and I was thinking about it and how I had to get it done. Then I suddenly thought about doing some sort of charity project for Christmas as well. I thought maybe donating dolls would be a good idea as a lot of girls don’t have American Girl dolls and never will. The way I figured I’d get the money was exactly how I was intending to do it for my cancer project: Adsense money, which is essentially paying out of my pocket, but with everyone else’s help haha! 


DollDiaries: Do you think you will make this an annual event?

GOTYS: I actually haven’t thought about that yet! I think it would actually be quite a good idea to continue it each year (maybe starting it a bit earlier as I started kind of late, but didn’t even think about it until half way through September) however I have to see where I’m at next year. If I happen to be gone away from home for University, it may be hard to make so many videos and run a whole project, especially out of a dorm, but perhaps if I continue living at home, I’d love to do it again next year!


DollDiaries: What else would you like my readers to know about this project?

GOTYS: I guess I’d just like them to know that they’re all extremely important to this project than I ever was. I can make a couple videos, but it won’t do anybody any good unless they help out. I need everyone to spread the word, tell everybody that they’re comfortable with telling, advertise it all over their blogs and websites, because if the videos don’t get any views, then we won’t have enough money to meet the goal of 10 dolls. This is the entire online American Girl community’s project, and if we want it to be successful, we all have to help out. I also may add in a donation feature because a few people have asked if they can donate money, although there is no need to but it would be extra helpful, so I may add that on soon. At either rate, just spread the word and you will be doing your part!

Seriously, thank you so much again! This means the world to me right now!

Ali, girloftheyearstudios

So, go watch the videos and feel free to share them too!

Christmas AnGels  Project: Charlie Clause

Christmas AnGels Project: Once in a Lifetime

Christmas AnGels Project: Hungry but not Hopeless

Christmas AnGels Project: Thank You Class

Which video is your favorite?