Carry-Her Doll Carrier Backpack My daughter still takes a doll or stuffed animal just about everywhere she goes, and while she has more than one type of doll carrier, the one we had the opportunity to review from Carry-Her was a big hit. It easily solved the problem we often run into when she brings her doll out on the town – she gets tired of holding the doll and then guess who gets left holding it? Yep, that’s me.

The Carry-Her doll carrier is a lightweight, drawstring style backpack that is made of durable, black micro-suede with special cut-outs for the dolls legs and arms to fit into.  The backpack is designed to hold dolls (or stuffed animals) that are approximately 16-18″ tall.

The backpack is easy enough for her to put on herself and lightweight so she doesn’t complain that it is heavy at all. The doll is still visible and she loves the attention she gets when we are out. The only recommendation is to make sure the doll’s shoes are securely on her feet or you remove the shoes and place them in the mini doll sized backpack that it comes with.

The mini doll sized back pack that comes with the Carry-Her is just too cute on the dolls! Gwen modeled it for us and again, it was super easy for my daughter to put on her doll – plus she loves that they match.

When the girl-sized backpack is not in use it folds up neatly into the mini backpack and can then be put in Mom’s purse or put away for easy storage. How cool is that?

The Carry-Her Doll Carrier Backpack and the Mini Backpack combo are available for $24.95 through Amazon. See additional photos and get more information at the Carry-Her website, too.  It is a great gift idea for any little girl who takes her dolls everywhere!