Carpatina Slim Body Erin doll

Meet Erin. Erin is an 18″ slim body doll from Carpatina – the makers of stunning Renaissance style gowns and fashions for 18″ dolls (one line is for slim body dolls, the other for dolls like American Girl) and a line of 18″ slim body dolls and fashions. Last month Carpatina sent me Erin to review. Erin comes dressed in a camisole and panties, so I decided to order her the Afternoon Stroll outfit so I didn’t have to review her in her undies. πŸ˜‰

According to the Carpatina website, Erin and her best friend Zoe, want to be fashion designers. With their gift of the Magic Moonstone, Zoe and Erin can traverse the past, present and future and want their fashions to do so as well. (Read the whole story of Erin, Zoe, their clothing line Zoen and the Magic Moonstone.)

Carpatina Erin doll close up

Erin has one of the sweetest faces of any doll I have seen. The Carpatina slim body dolls are 18″ tall and all vinyl (unlike their soft-bodied cousins – American Girl, Maplelea and My Twinn) with eyes that open and close. Erin has a delicate freckled face and stunning auburn red hair that is straight and easy for girls to style. Another feature worth noting is how her head is attached. Since she is not a soft body doll, her head is more articulated, meaning that it can move up and down, side to side, and at an angle.

Carpatina 18" slim body doll side view

This side view gives a better feel for how long Erin’s hair is and shows off that gorgeous auburn red color. The Afternoon Stroll outfit consists of black and purple plaid skirt and a purple t-shirt. Of the Zoe and Erin fashions, this is not necessarily my favorite outfit (I think the two pieces are fine on their own but the fabrics seem mismatched), but it was the one my daughter really liked. (I’m just a Mom, what do I know?) I really LOVE the Private School dress and the Guinevere gown, but all of the fashions are pretty.Β  I should also note that the silver flats are sold separately from the outfit too, but are well made.

Carpatina slim body doll comparison with American Girl Doll

I took this picture so you can see how big the Carpatina 18″ Slim Body dolls are in comparison to American Girl Dolls. You can also get a better indication of what shade of red Erin’s hair is compared to American Girl’s Emily character.

Carpatina slim body dolls vary in price, but Zoe and Erin are $69 each. They come in their own blue presentation box, too.

Carpatina dolls are extremely high quality making them suitable for collectors and for play. At the Carpatina site you can also find a full line of patterns to make your own doll fashions, One of a Kind doll outfits for sale, a line of boy dolls, and there are a few games girls can play, too.

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Thanks to Carpatina for letting us review Erin – she is now a very loved member of our doll family!