It’s time for another guest post from one of our readers – this one is from Caroline.

American Girl Park was having a pajama day. All girls are allowed to go in their pajamas.

The day before Isabelle visited a orphanage and she felt bad for the little children so she decide to raise money for them on pajama day in the park.

Isabelle made so many treats she made a gingerbread house, fresh bread, cakes, cookies, pies, and rice kricpies. She offered candy, chocolate, sprinkles, and gum drops. Her favorite treat are the two little pink present cakes. They were really good!

Her first costumer was Madison. She had been walking through the park from the grocer. She thought that the treats were cute and good.

The next customers were Chrissa and Josefina they picked up lots of treats for there very special party that night in the park.

By the end of the day Isabelle had sold all of her treats and goods. She had raised $150.34. She was very delighted to help and would love to do it again one day.

From Caroline