I love being able to show off our readers’ creativity whether it is through our reader photo events, Sunday Showcase or sharing longer guest posts that you submit. Caroline sent in her photostory to me weeks ago and I apologize for just now getting it posted (and I hope I have the photos in the right order).

My dolls Gracie and McKenna hadn’t caught up in a while since Gracie joined Innerstar U and McKenna started dancing for a tap dance company. Gracie suggested going out to dinner at the AG Bistro.

McKenna and Gracie discussed what they should get for dinner. “I am thinking fish and chips”, McKenna says. “I am craving clam boat for some reason”, Gracie said with a smile.

McKenna talked about some nice girls in her new tap group and Gracie was explaining some cool classes and interesting people she met at the university, it made McKenna almost want to apply to go…

McKenna and Gracie got two nice girls to take their picture. The girls’ names were Marie-Gracie and Cecile. “Thank you”, they said. “Our pleasure”.

As the girls walked McKenna suggested watching Kit, “Great idea”, Gracie says. They were both glad they caught up and got closer friends.

Thanks to Caroline for sharing this with us!