Many readers have said that they wished American Girl’s new historical character Caroline would have been made with red hair. Some said that would make her look too much like Felicity and others think she looks too much like a Barbie with her blonde hair. One of our readers (and regular contributors) agoverseasfan, decided to get creative and create her own red headed Caroline.

Caroline as a red head

Wow! Pretty! So how did she do it? She did a wig swap. Caroline is now wearing the wig from MyAG #33 (light skin, blue eyes, curly red hair).

Caroline as a red head

I really like this shade of red on her and think she would have been just as well received with her red hair as she has been blonde.

So what did she do with Caroline’s blond wig? Why, she put it on MyAG #33 and named her Luna from the Harry Potter series.

Again – I just love the creativity!

Visit her on YouTube for more photos of Caroline as a red head.

What do you think? Do you like Caroline better as a blonde or with red hair?