Some of our readers pre-ordered Caroline and she arrived yesterday. I have not heard from anyone who went to the store for her debut, yet. Anyhow, Sue’s daughter Ellie received her Caroline yesterday and she sent in a few photos of Caroline close up for us.

american girl caroline abbott

We ordered Caroline with her accessories from a personal shopper last week — thanks to a tip from a reader in a Doll Diaries post.  She is a really beautiful doll and the photos will not show you how pretty her eyes are in person.  Her eyes are identical in color to how they appear in the new catalogue on the two-page full length photo.  Her dress is made of a light weight cotton and is already a bit wrinkled on day-one.

American Girl Caroline Abbott bag

When we opened her accessories I was surprised to see that the purse has her name and the date 1812 stitched into it which was a nice detail and one I couldn’t see in the preview photos.  The top that comes with her accessories is very nice but we could only get her to hold it when it was upside down.  (We didn’t try clear elastics, though.)

American Girl Caroline Abbott bonnet

Finally, the bonnet is a fun addition, though it’s tough to get it on her without also getting stray hair in her face so I apologize if there are a few hairs out of place on Miss Caroline.  She’s a really pretty doll and we can’t wait to read her stories.

American Girl Caroline Abbott

Welcome Caroline! And thank you Sue and Ellie for taking time to send in these great photos!