Today I have an up-do for Caroline inspired by a hairstyle from an 1812 magazine

It is cascading curls bundled together with a tie.

Creating a lovely, elegant hairstyle fit for 1812.

This hairstyle is so easy to create on your doll!  

All you will need is a doll with curly hair, a strip of white cotton fabric, a large barrette and a doll hairbrush.  

To get started lay your doll face down.  Twist her hair in one direction all together.

Flip the twist up, keeping it tight and close to her head.  Place a barrette across the middle of the twist, catching some of the hair from her head along with the twist.

Now the curls will be on the top of her head.  They will cascade down and cover up the barrette.

Take the cotton strip and fold it so the raw edges are on the inside.  You can stitch the edges to keep it from fraying if you want.  Tie the strip on the top right side of her head.  To form the bow tuck the ends of the tie under.  You can stitch the bow in place to keep the raw edge from showing.

Arrange the curls.  Separate the curls and brush each one in a spiral to form perfect ringlets.  Use bobby pins to hold them in place.  Pull down a couple curls to hang longer than the rest.

Yep, that’s the secret every curl in place with one hanging down.  Now you have a hairstyle fit for Caroline or Jane Austen in 1812.  Just lovely! 

Do you swoon over fancy hairstyles of the past or do you prefer something simple and modern?