Julie had a pre-camp meeting with the other campers in her group.  They made pillowcases to take to camp.

The pillow will be a fun memento of camp.  It says Camp 2015 and has all the campers signatures.

It will be cute on her camp bunk and just right for sleeping on.

Julie loves her camp pillow!

Let’s take a closer look.


For the camp pillow you can make a white pillow or a pillowcase.  If you use a pillowcase then place a piece of cardboard between the layers so the markers don’t bleed through.

Add signatures of all the campers to the pillow.

Julie is so excited for all the fun these campers will have together!

The pillowcase is such a fun memento from camp!

Julie is excited to make camp memories and can’t wait for it to start next week!

See you at Camp Doll Diaries!