Hello campers!  Kit’s here to share a new sign in the camp lodge.

It is a fun vintage style marquee sign.   

 On a recent trip to Michaels I fell in love with vintage style signs.  I knew I wanted to go home and make a doll size version!

Let’s take a look:


  • cardboard
  • block letters- printed out or hand drawn
  • colored paper 
  • colored paper strips
  • scissors
  • small hole punch
  • tape
  • glue

Print out or hand draw block letters.   Tape together 3 layers, the block letter, colored paper and cardboard.  

Cut around the block letter.  If you want this block letter to look like a vintage marquee signs, evenly place hole punches .Remove the top layer and discard.

Wrap and glue the paper strips around the outside.

Add a few more letters to spell “Camp” or choose an inspirational word that your dolls would love!


These letters would be a fun cabin decoration using everyones first initial.  You could also incorporate a set into the dining hall with the word “Eat”.  

This week has been a great start to Camp Doll Diaries! 

Just in case you are interested, here is more about today’s post!

  • Doll– Kit,  American Girl 
  • Outfit– Tie Dye and headband by Anna
  • Scene– The fireplace tutorial is here.  The lantern is from My Doll’s Life.

Kit can’t wait for many more fun weeks to come!