Camp Doll Diaries

The big day is finally here! Camp Doll Diaries is ready to officially start and let’s just say, we are going to have a fun, fun summer!

Camp Doll Diaries

“Good morning! I am Ivy Ling, the camp director this week and your name is?” said Ivy cheerfully.

“Ummm, Carrrly,” answered Carly with a bit of hesitation in her voice.

“Awesome, I have you all checked in and your camp badge is right here. Now let me introduce you to our Camp Leader, April, who will show you your way to your cabin. You are in Cabin #1 also known as The Bearz,” continued Ivy.

“Hi Carly, I’m April and I will be one of your leaders this week. I’ll show you to your cabin and help you get settled,” said April.

Camp Doll Diaries

“Welcome to The Bearz cabin! You have the top bunk and on the bottom bunk, I’d like you to meet Consuelo, who is here all the way from Mexico,” said April. “You can put your bag on the end of the bunk or underneath and then head over to the craft tent to put the finishing touches on your name badge,” she continued.

“Yay, I was hoping I would get the top bunk so I can look out the window,” replied Carly. “Hi Consuelo, nice to meet you!” 

Time to print out the camp check in sheets and make your camper’s their name badges.

Camp Doll Diaries

Supplies needed:

Step 1 – Cut out the check in lists and name badges.

Step 2 – Place the badge face down on a piece of clear packing tape.

Step 3 – Fold over the packing tape to cover both sides and then trim. I left extra tape at the top of mine to make sure I had plenty of room to punch a hole.

Step 4 – Punch a hole in the top of the badge.

Step 5 – Fold your ribbon in half and push the folded end through the hole.

Step 6 – Put the ends of the ribbon through the loop and pull. 

Camp Doll Diaries

“Oh, your name badge looks great Carly!! I haven’t gone over to make mine yet,” said Consuelo.

“April says the craft tent will be open until 3 pm today, so you still have time. It is not far, just follow the path until it ends and go right,” said Carly.

Camp Doll Diaries

Consuelo headed off to the craft tent to make her badge and Carly finished unpacking her bag. She curled up with her teddy bear and drifted off to sleep for a few moments as the fresh air and sun came in through the windows.

Camp Doll Diaries

Carly hangs her name badge on her bunk when she is not wearing it.

In today’s post:

  • Dolls: Ivy Ling (American Girl Historical), April (MyAG #57), Carly (Sophia’s from and Consuelo (Hearts for Hearts Girls)
  • Furniture: Bunk beds and bedding from, Check in desk – Sweet Treats counter retired AG

So, did you get all your doll’s checked in and their name badges made?

Have a great day at camp!