I am so excited for this week’s SPORTS theme!  Physical exercise is so important for your health and I greatly inspire my daughters to stay active.  Today I will show you how I created gym equipment for their dolls; this doll play was a great way to encourage their own interests in staying in shape.  The doll equipment included floor mats, apparel, kettlebells, jump box, and bar with plates.  Huge thanks goes out to my sister, Julie, a coach at Crossfit Never Give Up for the private session she gave her nieces and helping set the scene for my doll pictures.  http://www.crossfitnevergiveup.com/.

Gym floor mats were created from using 4 sheets of thick black foam paper.

Of course the dolls want to look super cute while working out!  Crossfit Never Give Up shirts were patterned after their logo and from shirts offered in their apparel store:   http://www.nevergiveupfitness.net/.

The shirts and shorts were a custom request and purchased from Etsy shop, dressurdolly2; their link is here https://www.etsy.com/shop/dressurdolly2?ref=shopsection_shophome_leftnav, the owner, Pattie, is a wonderful seamstress and I have purchased from her many times.  The logo was made by using Microsoft Word, scaling image or words to size, printing onto Transfer Magic Iron-On paper, and ironing in place over shirt.

1. The doll sized kettlebells were made from using various sized wood doll heads.  These wood doll heads can be found at Michaels.  Each was painted a satin black.  Pony beads, in various colors, were glued to the upper sides of each kettlebell.

2.  Three black pipe cleaners were fed through a piece of black straw.

3.  The pipe cleaners were twisted around each other to make the handle thick and strong.  Then, the pipe cleaners were bent downwards and rounded.  Each end was glued inside the open end of the pony bead.

Here are a few pictures of my daughter, Jayla, and her doll getting a lesson in lifting kettlebells.

A jump box was created from recycling a pop-tart box.  I placed a bunch of unused plastic grocery bags into the box to give it some weight and taped it shut.  I found printable wood patterned images from Pixel Scrapper:  https://www.pixelscrapper.com/.  This is an awesome crafting site with free downloads!  I saved the wood image and printed off several 4×6 images of wood grain.  I then cut those images down to the size of my pop-tart box and glued in place.  A thick Sharpie marker was used to add the CFNGU lettering to the box sides.  You could also use picmonkey.com to add lettering too.

Here are a few pictures of my daughter, Jemma, getting a lesson in box jumps.  I love how I caught a picture of her piggy-tails flying!  Work it girl!

A bar was created using a 12 inch dowel rod (1/4 inch thick) painted silver.  Strips of gray foam were glued around the dowel ends to create an image of a bar sleeve.  Pieces of thick black foam were cut into circles.  A hole was punctured in the centers using the tips of scissors to create plates.  These plates were slid onto the ends of the bar.  A small piece of black pipe cleaner was twisted around the end to create the look of a collar.

Here are a few pictures of my daughters learning how to do a dead-lift.  Pump some iron!

The doll is doing a split-jerk lift!!

I think the doll gym looks a lot like the real thing!  What do you think?  Again, a super thanks to Crossfit Never Give Up for your training and many hugs for letting me have this photo session in your gym: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Crossfit-Never-Give-Up/438350689574534?fref=ts.

Craft on!