Did your dolls do sports camp last week? What was their favorite activity?

Camp Doll Diaries Week 8

Last week’s posts:


From LillyBlossom – Mia took first place closely followed by Megan in second and Elizabeth in third.


From Madelon – At gymnastics practice.

From Linda – Saige and Caroline are trying to eat healthy and exercise each day!

From American Girl Doll Crafter – Lanie loved the CDD gym post, so she made a gym of her own. I made her the weight bar using the CDD instructions. I didn’t have foam, so I used black paper for mats. The bag and the barbells are OG, and I made the jump rope. She had lots of fun! If you want to see the rest of Lanie’s workout class, You can find it on my blog using this link. http://dolldayseveryday.blogspot.com/2015/07/lanie-has-been-participating-in-camp.html.

From Hannah – I made a sports bench for my dolls, like the american girl one. https://dolltasticallyfun.wordpress.com/2015/07/24/1812/

From JGKelsey – Meredith, Callie, and Dana were very excited for this week of camp.  Meredith loves anything active.  She and the other girls went to the local skate park to try out their new skateboards.  They had tons of fun.  Dana learned how to do a backside board slide.  Callie learned how to ollie her board.  And Meredith got a little crazy and did a hand plant on the rail.  Lots of fun!  (Make sure you wear a helmet when never you are skateboarding!)

From Kaili – Kaitlin won a medal for leader of the year voted from her cheer squad

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Just a few notes: This week’s camp theme is a field trip to the Aquarium and it is sponsored by Kunin Felt. There will be no Throwback Thursday for the remainder of the summer – between my travel schedule, Natalie’s show and the server issues, we are just too off track! We will work on getting it back on the schedule for the fall.