Camp Doll Diaries Week 6 Ancient Empires

This week is going to be so much fun at Camp Doll Diaries as we explore Ancient Empires!  Today Grace dressed up in her goddess toga(really a torn up and tied white t-shirt!!)  and created her own fun with hieroglyphic doodles.

Don’t you think Grace makes a beautiful ancient goddess?  I think she looks like Aphrodite.

The goddesses of ancient empires often went barefoot.  I really like this whole idea of no shoes!

Hieroglyphics are so cool!  I found this one of the alphabet and it inspired me!  You can check it out here!

Because I tend to prefer cute little things that make me happy and I LOVE to doodle, I created an alphabet for you to use to create hieroglyphic messages with your dolls or for your friends.  Download the free printable hieroglyphic alphabet here.

If you want it to print out doll size, set it to print six to a page and you will get six tiny ones.   You can give them to your friends who have dolls and write each other secret messages!  I wrote you a message!  Do you know what it says?

I would love for you to use the code and write us a message.  If you do, email us a picture to and we will solve it!

Reminder: We are sharing Camp Memories weekly.  If you take photos of any of the projects you make this week and want to be in the CAMP MEMORIES post, email ONE photo per week to TEAM@DOLLDIARIES.COM and put CAMP MEMORIES in the subject line. Please note, this is a separate email address just for Camp Memories. For everything else, please use Feel free to share your camp fun on your own blogs (email me the links to the posts so I can share them), Instagram (#campdolldiaries and tag us @dolldiaries), Facebook (post to our timeline) or YouTube (email me the link).

Happy learning about Ancient Empires this week!