Sorry for the delay in getting this week’s Camp Doll Diaries Memories posted – but I’m sure you were busy all weekend with picnics, parades and showing off your patriotism, too.

Camp Doll Diaries Week 5 Memories

Camp Doll Diaries Week 5 Posts:


Week 5 Camp Memories

From Nonna & Adelle – Here are some pictures of Maru and Caroline – American Girl Mini my daughter and I made on Canada Day. Dolls, t-shirts were made out of my daughter’s up-cycled t-shirt with a red felt maple leaf on it. We had fun taking these pictures.

From Madelon – I made two patriotic skirts from baby skirts for a show on Molly’s stage.

From Dawn – I featured a tutorial on how to make a “distressed” wooden flag – doll sized – on my blog – Let’s Make an AG Doll Sized Wooden Flag for Independence Day!

From Kaili – Raven, Kaliyah, and Sage are having a blast at their Fourth of July Picnic.

From melangell the director of Camp Maple Hollow.  Happy 4th of July to everyone!  Our camp had a parade for Independence Day.

From Linda – Nikki is running a fireworks stand to raise money for scholarships for next years camp. Julie, Caroline McKenna and Samantha want to help by buying items . The printouts of fireworks are from, The stand is from the snack stand from Walmart, My Life As…I made Julie’s and Samantha’s dresses. Caroline’s dress is from Our Generation. McKenna’s dress is a Dollie and Me dress.

From Fawn – Kevin and CJ grabbed their backpacks and a flashlight and hiked with Counselor Mike to the top of Outlook Point to watch the July 4th fireworks.

From Suzanne.

Thanks to all who sent in photos! These are great!  If you are sending in photos for CAMP MEMORIES – be sure to add the week number to the subject line of your email (example: CAMP MEMORIES WEEK 6) so I can put them in the right post. Also PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE RESIZE your photos before you send them to me. Follow my instructions for how to use PicMonkey or if you are emailing the photo from your phone choose the setting that sends a medium version of the file to me.  



Week 6 theme is Ancient Empires – what do you think the activities might be?