So how much fun was this week? Did you think Grace was going to win the Bakery Battle or were you rooting for Kanani? Let’s take a look back at this week at Camp Doll Diaries.

Camp Doll Diaries Bakery Battles

Camp Doll Diaries Week 4 Posts:



From Melangell the director of Camp Maple Hollow.  It has been so hot at camp this week that our girls spent a lot of time swimming.  We took this picture of our campers before their first swim.  Our junior campers are not in the picture because they have to complete their water safety course and the lake swim test before they can swim with the older campers. 

Madelon made “scoops of ice cream” with clear plastic bubbles and paint.

From Lily Blossom – During Bakery Wars, Nellie made some delicious cupcakes!

From Linda – Nikki and Julie are excited to see whose Petit Fours Senior Chef McKenna will choose in the final judging. Will it be Nikki’s pastel or Julie’s bold colored .

From Camille and Lanie – Lanie, Annie, and Grace are having a great time this week at camp! They made their own treat stand. The girls are selling 3 different pies, a cherry cake, and 2 macaroons! I didn’t have any sculpey clay, so I used foam, cotton puffs, and paper instead.

I love all of these photos and we can’t wait to see more. If you are sending in photos for CAMP MEMORIES – be sure to add the week number to the subject line of your email (example: CAMP MEMORIES WEEK 5) so I can put them in the right post. Also PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE RESIZE your photos before you send them to me. Follow my instructions for how to use PicMonkey or if you are emailing the photo from your phone choose the setting that sends a medium version of the file to me.  (If you sent in a Camp Memories photo and don’t see it yet, check back tomorrow, I will add more photos later today.)



Week 5 theme is a celebration of Canada and the USA. It will be called Picnics, Parades and Patriotism!

Have a great weekend and thanks again to this week’s sponsor, Sculpey!

PS – We are going to AGDC tomorrow to check out the new items. Watch our Facebook and Instagram accounts for updates while we are there.