Camp Doll Diaries Week 4 Bakery Battles

Hello everybody, Natalie here! It has been forever since I have posted. Today I have a fun photostory to kick off Bakery Battles week with, let’s just jump right in!

“Hello everybody! Welcome to Bakery Battles. Today we have Kanani versus Grace. The girls will be competing for our first place prize , a cat. Let’s meet our contestants!” Ivy, the host of the show, announced.

“Bonjour! My name is Grace and I am very excited to be here competing today. I feel confident I will win because of my strong french pastry making skills. I hope to win the kitty cat today!” Grace proudly said.

“Aloha! I am Kanani and I am super happy to be competing today. This is my first time working with desserts, I normally just do shaved ice. I am very competitive and hoping to win this competition.” Kanani said.

“Let’s show the viewers what ingredients we have today. We have eggs, butter, milk, pastry flour, orange drink mix, s’more cereal, bananas, lemonade, a milkshake, a hot dog, and doughnuts. When I say go each contestant has to grab the items they want to use, the twist though is that you can only use what you grab. So your opponent can’t use anything you are using. is that clear?” Ivy explained.

 “On the count of three you may start. One… Two… Three!” Ivy exclaimed as the girls scrambled to grab their ingredients.

Kanani grabbed the butter, eggs, banana, cereal, hot dog, and lemonade. She began making special cupcakes!

Grace had snatched up the pastry flour, orange drink mix, doughnut, milkshake, and milk. She started on whisking together a cake batter.

“Thirty minutes!” Ivy called out. Food was flying all over the place. It was complete chaos! 

Grace’s cake batter was neon orange and smelled strongly of doughnuts! She quickly threw the cake into the oven and began on her frosting.

Kanani was filling her tray with cupcake batter, the color was not pleasant, but it did smell of banana!

“HANDS UP! Judging will begin in a few minutes…” Ivy said covered in batter and icing.

Be sure to come back Friday to see who wins! 

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Until next time, this is Natalie signing off. Click!