Can you believe we are done with three weeks of Camp Doll Diaries already? This week’s safari theme was a lot of fun – let’s take a look back.

Camp Doll Diaries Week 3

Safari Week Posts:


From Rachel – Mia and Rebecca saw a tiger while they were out on a safari tour! 

From Jennifer – The girls decided to get outside to celebrate the theme – safari.  Isabelle had a blast playing hide and seek in the bushes.

From Jill – Safari!!

From Madelon – Our safari leader with a monkey.

From Linda – Samantha, McKenna and Nikki are on a safari and are so excited to have spotted three elephants coming to get a drink at the stream! Hurry McKenna and take a picture before they leave!

From Camille L.-  Lanie is on a safari! She’s having a great time at camp. She made a compass, but a sneaky koala took it! Lanie enjoys riding around and looking at all the beautiful creatures God made! (P.S. How many exotic animals can you find?)

From Camille – This  week  for camp doll diaries my doll Piper went to the petting zoo and saw a llama! Since it was a petting zoo she got to get up close and pet the llama. it was so much fun! The llamas name was Hannah. She was so soft!  Camp doll diaries memories week 3 was awesome!

From Fawn – After five days of hot, humid, rainy weather, Kevin and CJ were getting restless from having to play indoors.  How could they go outside without getting soaked?  Kevin had an idea. 

“Follow me, CJ”, he said. 
“Where are we going?” asked CJ.
“To the Mess Hall.”
“Mess Hall?”
“Trust me.”
As the rain continued to drizzle they made a mad dash to Mrs. Johnson, the head cook.
“Mrs. Johnson, do you have an old plastic tablecloth that we can have – something you don’t want back?” inquired Kevin.
“I think I do.  What’s this all about?”
“Just wait, you’ll see.  Thanks so much!” Kevin said politely.
Their next stop was the craft room where they spied a pair of scissors on top of some construction paper.
“Hold this tablecloth up to you body and stand still.” Kevin told CJ.
With a few snips here and a few snips there, Voila!, 2 ponchos were ready for duty.
The boys pulled the ponchos over their heads, grabbed their compass, binoculars and camera and headed outside in the rain.
Safari Week had just turned into Rain Forest Week and they were about to discover something fabulous.
Way to repurpose guys!

Again, you have NO IDEA how happy it makes the entire Doll Diaries staff and our guests when we see your take on the ideas we have shared with you. These photos are fabulous and we can’t wait to see more. If you are sending in photos for CAMP MEMORIES – be sure to add the week number to the subject line of your email (example: CAMP MEMORIES WEEK 4) so I can put them in the right post. Also PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE RESIZE your photos before you send them to me. Follow my instructions for how to use PicMonkey or if you are emailing the photo from your phone choose the setting that sends a medium version of the file to me.  (If you sent in a Camp Memories photo and don’t see it yet, check back tomorrow, I will add more photos later today.)



Week 4?s theme is BAKERY BATTLES sponsored by Sculpey – something tells me we will be hungry all week.

Have a great weekend and thanks again to everyone who has helped make Camp Doll Diaries possible again this summer!