Camp Doll Diaries Week 3 - Safari Adventure

Are you ready for an adventure this week? Our campers are going on a Safari but before they can head out later this afternoon, they need to get ready. They are meeting with the counselors and talking about what they need to pack and what to expect while they are there. Laura has prepared the materials for the planning session.


I have always wanted to go on a safari so creating this fun printable was awesome.  I can only imagine that it would require a lot of preparation and planning so I designed a printable to use…doll size of course.

To get started, you can download the printable HERE.

If you cut the book covers out and mount them on card stock, you can add lots of little pages to it and staple it to create little books.

What would you put on the packing list.  I would definitely put my camera and bug spray!

After the safari, I bet there would be a lot of photos to put in the photo album.  Of course, for fun, you could draw animals in your book!

The word search on the printable is a fun one.  I hope you can solve it!

Happy Camping,