This week’s Camp Doll Diaries theme is “Take a Bow” and the activities will be primarily focused on the performing arts (there will be some traditional camp activities too).

Camp Doll Diaries Drama Room

Since Natalie has opening night this week for The Little Mermaid, I wanted part of this week’s activities and scenes to be drama related. I set up the costume and props room for Camp Doll Diaries using a plain white cardboard tri-fold (like you get for projects at school) and the “floor” from the My Doll’s Life Beauty Salon playscene. 

I added the My Doll’s Life rolling rack and a few costumes and robes (for quick changes). In the corner I put a trunk with props for the girls to use in their play and for their improv classes. Finally I added the My Doll’s Life sectional couch so the girls have somewhere to rest and to sit and discuss the play.

Camp Doll Diaries Drama Room

Carly (18″ soft-body doll from Sophia’s sold at My Doll’s Life) has arrived and she is the counselor in charge of all the drama classes this week. She will be directing the play “Once Upon a Fairytale” that the campers will perform on Friday. 

Camp Doll Diaries Drama Room

Isabelle will be teaching the dance classes this week and stopped in to see if Carly needed anything else before the campers arrive.

“Good morning Carly,” said Isabelle. “I set up the drama room for you – is there anything else you think you need before our first class this morning?”

“Well, I know we are going to need some more costumes – we may need to make them, and we need a sign up sheet for the recital on Friday and I have to find my script,” said Carly, all in one breath.

Camp Doll Diaries Drama Room

“That’s better – now the girls can sign up by cabin and note what performance they will be doing on Friday.” said Carly.

Camp Doll Diaries Drama Room

“And here is my script… I can not wait to get started! We are going to have so much fun this week.” 

You can download the Recital Sign Up Sheet and the Script (which you get to write yourself!) as a PDF file.  Artwork is courtesy of Laura Kelly.

I chose not to set up the ballet studio since we have featured lots of ways to do a ballet studio in the past – here are just a few of them:

Once you finish getting your camp area set up, feel free to print out and complete these fun puzzles from Laura:

Once Upon a Fairytale Word Search   Once Upon a Fairytale Maze

Get the printable versions of the Word Search and Maze.

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