Thanks to all who sent in photos for this week’s Camp Memories Bulletin Board!! It looks like your dolls had a blast!! And for those asking about our performance of Once Upon A Fairytale – the camera card with those photos on it has gone missing. As soon as I find it I will post the photos!

Camp Doll Diaries Week 2 Memories

What fabulous photos everyone!!

The theme for week 3 is going to be “Mini Mini World!” Most of our projects this week will be geared to small dolls – like the American Girl mini dolls, Circo Babies and other little dolls. You can use your Webkinz, Barbies, or really any doll this week. Feel free to adapt the crafts to your larger dolls, too!

I am not posting a separate supply list this week since almost every supply we are using if from our Basic Supply List.

Are you ready for another great week??