Did you have a groovy week? I was so impressed with all the fun ideas and crafts and want to give big thanks to my whole team for all their hard work as I was traveling for my other job. In case you missed a day or want to share the whole week with a friend, here is a recap.

 Camp Doll Diaries Week 2 Posts:



From Fawn – Using Madelon’s tutorial on Karen Mom of Three I made this sarong for Josey using a scarf  purchased at Dollar Tree.  The peace signs, hearts and smilies were perfect for 70s week.

From Sharry – In case you missed it, here’s a pic of some of my dollfriends from camp last summer. In the 70s we didn’t have I pads or DVDs and not even VCRs (until the very late 70s). When it was movie night in camp in the 70s, we used film projectors. The kids are in the Rec Hall watching “Merry Men: The Story of Robin Hood”, and munching on cookies. Not of all my dolls made into this shot, but pictured are: Kerry (standing) and from L-R are Melody, Raychel, Jason, April and Cheryl. Happy Camping and long live the 70s!

From DollsBetweenUs.wordpress.com -For 70s week at camp we made Julie a tie dye pillow using a printed felt from Michaels.

From Dawn from Doll Things. Here are a couple of pictures of an outfit I made for my American Girl doll. The top was hand tie-dyed and I’ve even included a peace sign necklace with the outfit. It’s very much in keeping with the theme this week so I thought I would send it to use if you wish. I will try to get a picture of the doll wearing the outfit. If you like, you can link to my blog which I’ve literally JUST started…
The top and short overalls were made from my own patterns using existing AG doll clothes. I added the bib and straps to the shorts and also decided to add “permanently” rolled cuffs to the shorts. The necklace is a charm attached to a ribbon and the shoes I made from leather from an old purse using a pattern I made myself.
From Melangell, camp director of Maple Hollow Camp.  Each evening we have a program around the campfire, weather permitting.  Since it was so rainy last week, some of the outdoor activities got moved to this week.  Here our councilors, nurse and cafeteria cook are giving rules and presenting a skit to the campers.  To the left, you can see the board we made to show the cabins where to go during the day (activity from week 1).

You have NO IDEA how happy it makes the entire Doll Diaries staff and our guests when we see your take on the ideas we have shared with you. These photos are fabulous and we can’t wait to see more. If you are sending in photos for CAMP MEMORIES – be sure to add the week number to the subject line of your email (example: CAMP MEMORIES WEEK 2) so I can put them in the right post. Also PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE RESIZE your photos before you send them to me. Follow my instructions for how to use PicMonkey or if you are emailing the photo from your phone choose the setting that sends a medium version of the file to me.  (If you sent in a Camp Memories photo and don’t see it yet, check back tomorrow, I will add more photos later today.)



Week 3’s theme is SAFARI ADVENTURE – it will be a wild week!

Have a great weekend and thanks again to everyone who has helped make Camp Doll Diaries possible again this summer!