doll boat and dock

I’m so excited to share with you this week’s ‘Summer by the Sea’ sponsor, Lemon Bay Doll Company Their beautifully crafted toys from their Deluxe Sailing Adventure Collection fit this week’s theme perfectly.  Makes we wish I would have worked in a little more beach time before my daughters had to start back with school.   How great would this scene look next to Maryellen’s Seaside Diner!?!

doll boat dock

Lemon Bay Doll Company’s Dock is beautifully built.  It is extremely sturdy.  This piece is not only great for toy play but also a very nice photo prop.  The attention to detail is remarkable.  My daughter’s not only played with this as a boat dock but also as a fishing pier that we visit at the beach.  This particular dock can be found here: .

doll boat skiff

Now for Lemon Bay Doll Company’s Skiff….holy moly it is FABULOUS!  It felt just like Christmas when I opened the box!  This little boat is very well crafted.  This is an heirloom piece that will stand up to decades of play.  It will nicely fit 2-3 dolls.  My daughters and I love the boat terminology information that Lemon Bay sent along with the skiff.  My girls could pass for real sailors!   In my personal opinion, this boat has way more character, play options, and durability than that of American Girls Caroline’s skiff.  You can find this skiff here: .

doll boat parts

The skiff’s details are remarkable.  Lemon Bay Doll Company was so kind to make a Camp Doll Diaries 2015 themed sail.  It looks so amazing!  Details from the roping lines and oars make this skiff realistic.  My daughters were already playing, a storm at sea, where the sail ripped, the oars were lost, and the rudder broke…lost at sea.  Lemon Bay Doll Company even included a little bottle of “bubbly” to christen the boat!  We haven’t come up with a name yet…hmmm…what should it be?

doll fishing set

Well of course we have to go fishing!  The fishing set from Lemon Bay Doll Company doesn’t disappoint.  It too has all the little details that we love. 

doll fishing set 2

The bait container is too cute!  AND worms for the hook!  I think they thought of everything.  You can find the fishing set here:

doll sailor suit

This adorable sailor suit dress is from an Etsy shop called Project Funway.  This dress is very well made.  The fabric and stitching is of excellent quality.  This little suit adds a perfect touch to the scene.  You can find the link for this dress here: .  I look forward to purchasing from this shop again. 

doll beach

The “beach” in this scene was made with two yards of aqua nylon and 1/2 yard of tan fleece.  The nylon is thin so I folded it in half and sewed together like a pillow case, then it was flipped out.  The open edge was sewn to the fleece.  I chose to have the backside of the fleece be the sand because I liked the texture better.  This can easily be folded or rolled for storage.

doll beach scene

Here are a few more beach scenes for you.  I hope your summer has been a wave of fun!

Here’s where you can connect with the Lemon Bay Doll Company via facebook: .