Now that you have your first week of camp done for this summer, you have a little better idea as to what to expect! Each week we are also going to do a recap post, in case you missed a craft, and will feature the camp photos you send in (please, one photo per person per week – pick your best one). Plus we will give you a sneak peek into the next week’s theme. Ready?

Camp Doll Diaries Week 1 Recap

Our posts were:



From Lauren – Nellie welcomes everyone to Camp Wanahafun. Everyone signs in and receives their name tag which has a sticker that tells them what cabin they are in.

From Fawn – Camp Doll Diaries – it’s not just for girls. In our neck of the woods, CDD is a co-educational day camp with a sleepover and camp fire on Thursday nights. Kevin is waiting for his buddy CJ.  They will play “Rock, Paper, Scissors” to see who gets the top bunk in the “Explorer” tent? Kevin and CJ used the bunk trunk tutorial to make their footlockers.  They are the perfect place to store their binoculars, compass, flashlight and football. It has been such a fun week.

From Pauline – Hear are some campers arriving at Camp Doll Diaries They are Claudia Gotz and Lily Adora. They have unloaded some of their supplies.

From Loren – This is the link to a post about Camp Doll Diaries I did on my blog: Thank you for all the time you put into Camp Doll Diaries — I really love CDD and look forward to it every year!

From Hannah S – This is my photo for camp memories. It is of all my dolls in the camp gym playing something or waiting to play something.

From  Anna Catherine ( Here is my doll Cindy proudly displaying the activity board she made!

From Gabbie – Thank so much for all the fun things this week! It was so hard to choose just one that we liked. As our first time trying Camp Doll Diaries, it has already been so much fun! Can’t wait for the next weeks! Isabelle was so excited with the name tag idea ( we used the one from 2014) and the peg board. Thanks for sharing these great ideas!

From Lilly Blossom – Another version of the activity board.

From Camp Maple Hollow and Camp Director Melangell.  During the rainy day some of the girls and councilors gathered in the main lodge to play games and do crafts.  They are playing Apples to Apples.

From Lisa – Week 1 at Camp.

You have NO IDEA how happy it makes the entire Doll Diaries staff and our guests when we see your take on the ideas we have shared with you. These photos are fabulous and we can’t wait to see more. If you are sending in photos for CAMP MEMORIES – be sure to add the week number to the subject line of your email (example: CAMP MEMORIES WEEK 1) so I can put them in the right post. Also PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE RESIZE your photos before you send them to me. Follow my instructions for how to use PicMonkey or if you are emailing the photo from your phone choose the setting that sends a medium version of the file to me.  (If you sent in a Camp Memories photo and don’t see it yet, check back tomorrow, I will add more photos later today.)



By an overwhelming demand, 70s Week is back! Get ready to make some groovy crafts and go to camp the way Julie, Ivy (and many of your Moms) did back in the 1970s.


Have a great weekend and thanks again to everyone who has helped make Camp Doll Diaries possible again this summer!