The Victorian era is one filled with such elegance and grace.  Here is a way to take a plain white t-shirt and convert it into a beautiful table cover for doll sized fun.

You will need the following materials

The first step is to cut your t-shirt up.  Draw the biggest rectangle that you can and cut it out.

Next you will use the Aleene’s to adhere your lace or ruffle around the edge.  It dries FAST so you might want to do it in stages, like one side at a time.

Put it over your table.  I actually used a step stool that the girls have outgrown for our table.  If you have a doily, it looks nice on top.  I also added a fabric flower that I had in my craft stash but fresh flowers would be beautiful in a mini vase if you have one too.


What a beautiful time in history to celebrate and remember.   This would be a really fun activity for a girl/doll tea party event.

Happy Camp Doll Diaries,