It is time to do a little time travel again with Camp Doll Diaries! This week we are going back to the Victorian age – 1837-1901. Samantha’s stories take place at the end of the Victorian Era and Amelia from A Girl for All Time is also from the Victorian Era. This week’s camp activities are all inspired by this notable and somewhat beautiful period in history. Brandy is getting us started with a hat you can make for your dolls.

One of the first things I picture when I think of the Victorian Era is beautiful hats.  Hats full of color and decorations.  After internet searching Victorian Hat Illustrations I designed a fun and beautiful little hat that only took 20 minutes to make…


I traced the tear drop shaped hat patter onto a piece of soft Phoomph and cut it out.  I removed one side of the backing from the Phoomph.  I attached a pipe cleaner to the perimeter, leaving a ¼ – ½ margin.  This was then flipped over onto the felt and pushed and sealed into place, pushing the edge closed tight.  This was cut out.  The other Phoomph backing was removed and again placed on the felt and cut out.  The side with the pipe cleaner is the underside of the hat; this allows your hat to be bendable.

Most of these hats would have had some type of bustle on the back underside.  For this hat I chose to use a small strip of felt to trim the back edge.  See the pattern for exact measurements.   I added the back side to add balance to the hat and to hide the sleeve/pocket for the bobby pin.  I hot glued this piece of felt to the lower felt margin of the main hat.  Next I hot glued a strip of felt to place the bobby pin.  I then used aqua yarn as trim and hot glued to the edges of the hat.

Using the leaf pattern provided, I traced and cut three of shapes and hot glued to the top of the hat.  Using Aleene’s Turbo Tacky Glue, I glued a bright cluster of buttons for detail.  To finish the hat I added two small white feathers.  I did glue a small felt circle to the back of the decorations for support.

These hats were worn tilted down and often tilted to one side.

Get creative and add your own design.  The possibilities are endless!

We can’t wait to see what you create! Send photos of your creations to!