When I think about fashion from Victorian times I envision lace, layers, embellishments, cameos, ribbons and details! It is very easy to give your doll fashion a bit of Victorian inspiration.

Victorian inspired doll fashion

A Girl for All Time Amelia, whose story is set in Victorian London, is comparing notes with American Girl Samantha who is wearing her friend Nellie’s dress. Samantha wanted to show Amelia her new brooch that she attached to her hair bow. Cameo brooches and jewelry were very popular during the Victorian age.

Victorian inspired doll fashion

I made this cameo brooch for Samantha by printing out a brooch design I liked from the Internet, adding it to a piece of Phoomph and sticking it to her bow. You could EASILY make this into a brooch to put on her top or dress or even attach it to a piece of ribbon for a choker necklace.

On the A Girl for All Time website, they have a few pages dedicated to Victoria fashion and they go more into detail about the choker necklaces. Unfortunately, I think the American Girl doll necks are too short to really wear the style well.


Hats are also an easy way to add Victorian style to any outfit. Take an ordinary hat and add lace, ribbon, flowers, feathers and other embellishments.

A Girl for All Time Amelia

A Girl for All Time Amelia is wearing her party dress. You can see the layers, the bows, the lace and the fancy little details. Her pill box style hat is adorned with lace, feathers and tiny flowers. Revisit Karen’s fascinator post to make an Amelia inspired hat of your own.

Amelia and Samantha

Samantha has changed again! This time she is showing off her bridesmaid’s dress – again full of layers, lace, ruffles, ribbon and a flower!

What will you make for your Victorian girls? I’d love to see what you make – just send your Camp Memories posts to team@dolldiaries.com so we can show them off for you!