What is camp without games? Why boring, of course! The weather at our camp site is just perfect today so the girls are really enjoying the outdoors!

Camp Doll Diaries Tug of War

Sonali and Gwen wanted everyone to play a game of tug-of-war, but they all said they would in a few minutes. They decided to give it a try first and Gwen pulled so hard she landed on her bottom.

It is very easy to make your own tug of war game for your dolls. Simply take a shoe lace or piece of rope about 2 feet long, then tie a red ribbon or piece of scrap felt around the center of the rope. Add a few knots on either side and gather your teams.

Camp Doll Diaries Tug of War

“Are you okay, Gwen?” asked Sonali.ย 

“Of course I am,” she giggled!

Camp Doll Diaries

Saige and April were playing catch with a big beach ball.

Camp Doll Diaries Tug of War

Lucy and Ivy are definitely taking things slower playing Bocce Ball and eating snacks!

Take a look around your doll space. Chances are you already have games for your dolls to play – and if not, make balls from Model Magic or use yarn for a jump rope. And if all else fails, Hide and Seek is a game you can play anywhere without anything special like Natalie’s campers did.

What games are your campers playing today?

See you at camp again tomorrow!