Camp Doll Diaries

Camp Doll Diaries Three More Horse Crafts

Horse Camp week has been so much fun, but we are not done yet!! Today I had fun going through my craft box to find a few more simple easy and crafts for you to make for your horses!

I made a recycled craft feed trough, blanket and head dress for my horse using items I already had on hand.

To make today’s Camp Doll Diaries crafts you will need:

For the Trough:

  • 1 egg cartoon
  • 6 toilet paper tubes
  • duct tape
  • Spanish Moss, Peat Moss, Raffia (for the Hay) you could also use shredded paper
  • Scissors

For the Blanket and Head Dress you will need:

  • 1 large piece of fun foam or felt
  • 2 inch wide Sequin ribbon
  • Feathers
  • Three buttons
  • Glue Gun or glue dots
  • Peel and Stick Velcro Dots
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

Camp Doll Diaries Three More Horse Crafts

Step 1– Gather all the supplies you need for your trough. Start by cutting the lid and lip from the egg cartoon.

Step 2– Put the two carton pieces on top of each other, with the lid piece on top flat side down, you will fill this part later with the moss “Hay”

Step 3- Use your duct tape and tape the carton together as shown in the photos above.

Camp Doll Diaries Three More Horse Crafts

Step 4– Once you have covered the carton with tape time to attach the legs. You can wrap your leg pieces with tape so that they match the trough top.

Your toilet tissue tubes will fit easily over the egg shape, as shown above. The center once will have to be pinched at the top to stay in the center and will need to be taped into place.

Step 5– Use more duct tape along the bottom of the trough lid to keep them in place.

Camp Doll Diaries Three More Horse Crafts

Step 6– Use a glue gun or craft glue to attach your Spanish Moss or “Hay” to your trough. Work in Sections, so your glue doesn’t dry too quickly. Carefully press in the “Hay”

Let dry and your trough will be ready to use.

Camp Doll Diaries Three More Horse Crafts

Let’s make the blanket!

Step 1-Measure your horse with the fun foam and make sure it is the right size, trim if required.

Step 2– Using a ruler measure the distance between the blanket edges while it is on your horse, then use that measurement to cut a piece of ribbon to that length.  (I used sequin ribbon.

Step 3– Find the center edge of your “blanket” on the foam use your glue to attach one end of the ribbon.

Step 4– Place a piece of the peel and stick Velcro on the other end of your ribbon and on the opposite side place the “other side or mate” to the inside of the blanket as shown in the photo above.

Step 5– Decorate your blanket edge. Run a line of glue and gently press in your ribbon. Layer feathers, or use stickers, buttons or gems to decorate each edge of your blanket. Let dry and then place on your horse.

Camp Doll Diaries Three More Horse Crafts

Let’s Make the Head Dress

Step 1– Use more of your ribbon and measure your horse’s ears and head. Make sure to leave enough overlap so you can add Velcro dots to close the ends.

Step 2– Cut your Ribbon and find the center.

Step 3- Arrange your feathers or gems, buttons or other embellishments and attach them. Let them dry if you have used glue or a hot glue gun. Then your horse is ready for her head dress!

Today I used my Harmony Club Doll Cadence wearing an outfit made by my friend Carol and my horse “Pickles” sold by Sears Canada 2011. I found the trophy at my local party store! A great fun find!

I hope you enjoyed today’s crafts!