It’s Day 4 of the “CEO of Me” business challenge and Nicki has a great idea for her business. She thought about setting up a lemonade stand at the craft fair, but everyone sells lemonade and that works great because there are lots of hot days in summer and so many creative ways to make the drinks and market the sales, but she wanted something different.  Nicki got busy making some unique tie-dye shirts and set up her own tie-dye stand!

I dyed all of the shirts (with help from my girls and their friends) with Tulip One-Step Tie Dye from i Love to Create!  

Then we used the free printable that you can download here (or by clicking on the picture below) to make the sign and the cash box (using and empty little box we had around the house).

To tie the sign to the stand, we used an old cut up tie-dyed sheet.

We created little price tags from the printable too and attached them to the tees with pins.

Ta Da!  They are so adorable.  Don’t you wish they fit you.

I wonder how much money she will make selling her t-shirts!


  • Nicki is a retired American Girl of the Year doll
  • Her tie-dye stand is made using the Concessions Table from My Doll’s Life
  • T-shirts for tie-dyeing are also from My Doll’s Life