First of all, did you miss me? I apologize if comments had to stay in moderation a little longer than normal the past few days, but we were out of town and I had limited access to my computer. Anyhow, we are back and ready for another awesome week at Camp Doll Diaries. Thank you to Anna for letting us use her stage instructions to start off our week.

Camp Doll Diaries Talent Show

Jazzmin is so excited! She and Alex just walked down to the activity center and discovered that the sign up sheet for the Talent Show on Friday was posted. Each camper can sign up to perform but they have to say what they are going to do so that they don’t have too many people sign up for the same thing.

Camp Doll Diaries Talent Show Printables

I created a set of printables that you can use for your talent show, or you can make your own sign up sheet and posters.

Download the Camp Doll Diaries Talent Show printables as a PDF file.

If you want to hang the sign up sheet on a “bulletin board,” you can easily make one using scrapbook paper or printing out a cork board background from Google Images or by filling in a rectangle with the cork pattern using Microsoft Word, Publisher or other word processing/desktop publishing software you may already have.

Camp Doll Diaries Talent Show printables

“Hurry Alex,” said Jazzmin, “we can be the first ones to sign up!”

“What are you going to do for your act, Jazzmin?” asked Alex.Β 

“I think I am going to do my jazz routine that I learned in dance class this year, and you?” answered Jazzmin.

“Me? I am going toΒ sing a song from one of my favorite Broadway musicals,” said Alex.

What about your dolls? What are they planning for the Talent Show this week?