Camp Doll Diaries Time Travelers

Camp Doll Diaries Hobo Picnic

Welcome to week 2 of Camp Doll Diaries!! Before we get started, if you missed check in last week or need more name badges for your dolls, visit Camp Doll Diaries Check In first.

This week’s theme is Time Travelers. Each day will feature activities focused around a different historical doll (and some activities will be timeless). You don’t have to have the doll we are focused on – any of your dolls can participate. Also, our historical dolls are doing a little time traveling themselves. I mean, can you imagine Samantha ever wearing a sleeveless t-shirt or Ruthie wearing Julie’s 70’s inspired basketball shoes?

We are going to start the week off with an activity inspired by Kit’s stories. Kit and her best friend Ruthie live in the 1930’s around the time of the Great Depression. At one point, Kit and her friends take a visit to a hobo camp (hobos were people that moved around a lot or maybe didn’t have a home and they are best remembered for carrying all their belongings in a sack over their shoulders). I thought it would be a fun activity to take a Hobo Picnic.

Camp Doll Diaries Hobo Picnic

What you will need to make your Hobo Picnic:

  • A standard bandanna or a piece of fabric 24″ x 24″
  • A wooden dowel, skewer or stick from the yard.
  • Assorted doll picnic items
  • Clear plastic lid or plastic shot glass (dollar store)
  • Square or circle of fabric or felt large enough to cover the opening of your plastic lid
  • Elastic band

Camp Doll Diaries Hobo Picnic

Step 1 – Unfold your bandanna and place your picnic items in the middle.

Camp Doll Diaries Hobo Picnic

Step 2 – Cut out a square or circle of fabric big enough to cover the top of your plastic container. Secure the fabric with an elastic band.

These will be your containers for catching fireflies.

Camp Doll Diaries Hobo Picnic

Step 3 – With all your contents in the center of the bandanna, bring up two diagonal corners and tie them together in a knot.

Step 4 – Bring up the other two corners and tie them together in a knot.

Step 5 – Slide your dowel or stick through the knot and your hobo sack is ready to take on an adventure.

If you look in the first photo on the page, you will see I used clear elastics to help Kit hold the stick on her shoulder.

Camp Doll Diaries Hobo Picnic

Kit and Ruthie are off to explore camp and find the perfect picnic spot.

Camp Doll Diaries Hobo Picnic

This looks like a great place for a picnic!!

Camp Doll Diaries Hobo Picnic

“Ruthie, once it starts to get dark, we can catch fireflies!!” said Kit with excitement.

Come back later this afternoon for more about the fireflies.

Some of you asked if we were going to make Kit’s Treehouse and the answer is no, however, if you want to make one for your dolls, visit Living a Doll’s Life for a tutorial on how to make Kit’s Treehouse.

Who wore what and other details:

  • American Girl Samantha wearing Camp Doll Diaries Leader shirt made by Diana and a blinged out Springfield visor.
  • American Girl Kit is wearing the retired kerchief from the 2004 Tropical Breezes outfit, a Camp Doll Diaries t-shirt, Madame Alexander capris, and Sophia’s Polliwog sandals.
  • American Girl Ruthie is wearing a Springfield hat, Camp Doll Diaries t-shirt, Doll Tag shorts, and Julie’s socks and shoes from the Basketball outfit.