Camp Doll Diaries Week 10

Are you ready for part two of the very popular Coffee Shop activity thanks to Brandy? If you missed part one go take a look at it now (Coffee Shop Part 1). For today’s activity, Brandy shows us how to make all the goodies you might buy in your doll’s coffee shop.

Make treats for a doll sized coffee shop


Coffee to Go

Make treats for a doll sized coffee shop

Supplies:  1-1/4 inch cork stopper, white/tan card stock paper, white foam paper, glue, hot glue gun, scissors, pencil, Starbucks labels.

Made doll sized coffee cups

Step 1 – Trace the bottom of the cork stopper onto white card stock paper, cut out the circle and glue to bottom. 

Step 2 – Trace the sides of the cork onto the white card stock paper, cut and glue around. 

Step 3 – Draw and cut out two circles, one smaller than the other, out of white foam paper and glue them to the top of the cork stopper to make a lid.  Use a black sharpie to draw a small line on the top to resemble an opening. 

Step 4 – Using tan card stock paper cut out a small strip and glue around to make an insulated holder for the cup.  I found a Starbucks picture online and copy and pasted it to mailing labels.  I printed them, cut them out, and attached to the cups.

Made doll sized coffee cups


Coffee to Stay

Supplies:  1 inch cork stopper, white/brown card stock paper, white foam paper, glue, scissors, pencil, Starbucks label.

Step 1 – Trace the bottom of the cork stopper onto white card stock paper, cut out the circle and glue to bottom.  Repeat this with brown card stock to the top to resemble the coffee. 

Step 2 – Trace the sides of the cork onto the white card stock paper, cut and glue around.  Use a small strip of white foam paper to make a handle.  I once again used the home made Starbucks stickers for the labels and attached to the front of the cup. 



Make doll sized frappacino

Supplies: communion cups, puff/fabric paint, cocktail straws, small pompoms

Step 1 – Fill a clear communion cup or plastic shot glass from the dollar store with paint.  Use various colors to make the desired flavors for Caramel/Mocha, Strawberries & Cream, Tazo Green Tea, and Vanilla Bean.  

Step 2 – Place a small pompom in the cup to take up some space and save on paint.  Fill the rest of the cup up to the top with paint.  Place another pompom on top. 

Step 3 – Cut down a cocktail straw and insert it into the wet cup of paint.  Let the paint dry for two days. 

Step 4 – Use white puff/fabric paint and swirl a layer on top of the pompom.  I used three layers of white paint to make the whip topping.  Let each layer dry for one full day.  This does take several days to do, but the end result is very cute.  On two of the cups I used a brown paint and swirled on top to resemble chocolate drizzle. 


Juices, Milks, and Waters

doll sized juice and water

The variety of juices and milks were eraser packs found in the Target dollar bins.  The bottle waters were key-chains I found on EBay.  I simply removed the chain part from the bottles.



All of the sweets inspirations came directly from Starbucks’s menu.


Blueberry Scone

Make doll sized scones

Supplies:  Cream foam paper, glue, dark blue sharpie, and white puff/fabric paint.

Step 1 – Cut 1 inch by 4-5 inch strips of cream foam paper.  Fold them as if you were folding a flag (triangular).  At end of fold glue together with a hot glue gun. 

Step 2 – Use a dark blue sharpie to add dots to resemble the blueberries.  Use white puff paint and drizzle over the top to resemble icing. 


Chocolate Chunk Cookies

doll sized chocolate chip cookies

Supplies:  tan/brown/dark brown foam paper, 1/8 inch hole hand punch, tacky glue, brown sharpie, scissors.

Step 1 – Cut out quarter sized circles from tan foam paper.  Make little dots across the top of each with the brown sharpie. 

Step 2 – Punch out several little circles with the hand punch from the brown and darker brown foam paper.  Put a layer of tacky glue on  top of each cookie and sprinkle on the little foam circles to resemble little chocolate chunks.


Cinnamon Rolls

make doll sized cinnamon rolls

Supplies: cream foam paper, red felt, hot glue gun, white puff/foam paint, scissors, brown chalk.

Step 1 – Cut the foam paper and red felt into ¾ inch by 5 inch strips.  Roll them together and hot glue the end.  On the underside, push up the center. 

Step 2 – Rub some brown chalk onto your fingers and then rub onto the foam sides to give it a baked look.  Use white foam paint to the top for icing.


Double Chocolate Brownie

make doll sized brownies

Supplies: Sponge, scissors, brown paint.

Step 1 – Cut a sponge into small pieces (3/4 inch x 1 inch). 

Step 2 – Paint them with brown paint and let dry.


Ginger Molasses Cookie

make ginger molasses cookie for dolls

Supplies:  Brown foam paper, scissors, tacky glue, white snow glitter.

Step 1 – Cut out quarter sized circles from brown foam paper. 

Step 2 – Spread tacky glue over the foam circles and then sprinkle them with the white snow glitter (this is a flat-non shiny glitter) and let dry.


Iced Lemon Pound Cake

doll sized lemon pound cake

Supplies:  Thick yellow foam paper, tan thin foam paper, hot glue gun, white puffy/fabric paint, scissors.

Step 1 – Cut out slices of bread shapes (1 x ¾ inch) from thick yellow foam paper. 

Step 2 – Glue thin strips of the tan foam paper to the edges to give it a baked look.  Spread a small amount of white puffy paint to top to look like icing.


Marshmallow Dream Bar

make marshmallow dream bars dolls

Supplies:  tan and white foam paper, school glue, ¼ inch hole hand punch, rectangle hand punch, bowl, little dish(I used a 2×3 rectangular dish), cooking spray, and electric knife.

make marshmallow dream bars dolls

Step 1 – Punch several little rectangles out of the tan foam paper to mimic rice crispy cereal.  Then punch a few circles out of the white foam paper to mimic marshmallows.  Put all punch pieces into a bowl. 

Step 2 – Add a large amount of school glue and mix. Spray your dish with a very small amount of cooking spray.  Put the mixture into the dish and press hard into place.  Let dry for several days. 

Step 3 – Use a knife to score the sides before attempting to remove from dish.  If some pieces fall away you can add more glue.  Once out, there will be a large mold.  I cut the mold down into 6 pieces with the electric knife.  I did spray the pieces with gloss sealer just for added protection to keep it all together.


Sweet Lemon Cake Pops

make doll sized cake pops

Supplies:  small Styrofoam balls, sis kabob sticks, puffy/fabric paint, multicolored foam paper, hot glue gun, rectangle hand punch, scissors.

Step 1 – Cut down shish kabob sticks into 2 inches.  Push the sticks into the Styrofoam, pull them back out, add hot glue, and replac them. 

Step 2 – Cover each with yellow puff paint.  Make sprinkles out of different colored foam paper and a rectangular hand punch.


Doll sized coffee shop

The coffee shop is stocked and ready for business!

Doll sized coffee shop

Ivy ordered a cake pop and a green tea frappacino – looks delicious!!

Thanks so much Brandy for helping us stock our coffee shops with all sorts of realistic looking goodies! You are amazing!