Since the sun is shining and the weather is a little warmer, you might think the Camp Doll Diaries staff would be outside having a picnic or something, but no… they are hard at work.


I walked by and saw the “conference room” all set up and ready for a meeting.

Camp Doll Diaries 2014 Planning

They are taking this pretty seriously. They have their Camp Doll Diaries planning sheets out and ready to go.

Camp Doll Diaries Planning

Carly looks to the computer and asks – “Are we having tents, cabins or dormitories this year?”

“Well, depending on the week, I think we may need all three,” offered Isabelle raising her hand.

Camp Doll Diaries Planning

“I think we need to start with a list of the craft supplies we are going to need most often,” said Saige.

Ok, back to work girls!! I know you have a lot of planning to get done.


  • Backdrop by American Doll Houses
  • “Conference table” is the new Concession Stand set from Sophia’s – not yet available on
  • Lemonade set from
  • Laptop from Our Generation available at Target
  • American Girl Saige wearing retired Innerstar U hoodie and sweatpants
  • American Girl Isabelle wearing her scrunch pants and t-shirt from her debut
  • Sophia’s Carly wearing Doll Diaries Pajamas

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