Camp Doll Diaries South Africa

Today we are traveling to South Africa with Liese. You may know Liese from her popular Doll Tag line of patterns on Liberty Jane and she also designed a line of 18″ dolls for the South African market. You can see more from Liese at and


South Africa is a very diverse and vibrant country at the Southern most tip of Africa. There are so many unique things about our country that it would take days to share it all with you. The best part is that we have so many different cultures all in a country that is a little larger than Texas, USA.

One of the highlights when travelling to South African is the wildlife. We are so fortunate to be able to go drive through game parks where we can see the animals walk and live in the wild.

Today we are going to make a travel and souvenir set for your dolls.

You will need:

Bracelets, necklace and bead pin

Beads are a big part of most of the African cultures. We are going to make a necklace and bracelets that look like beadwork. The bead pin is the South African flag.

Camp Doll Diaries South Africa

Map and Book of Facts

If are going to travel you need a guide book and a map. Fold the book according to the photos. Stick down with glue stick to complete your book. (NOTE – the book in the FOLDING photo is the Nutcracker from an earlier project. You are folding a book of South African Facts – the Nutcracker photo is just a GUIDE!)

Camp Doll Diaries South Africa

Camp Doll Diaries South Africa

I hope you enjoyed travelling with me in my beautiful country. The girls in the photos are Annie and Nandi. Annie is an Afrikaans girl and Nandi is Zulu. They are South African Girl Dolls. 

*** Thank you so much Liese for sharing your country and its crafts with us! Stop back later this afternoon for a special giveaway from Liese!