Mini Kit and Kirsten are snuggled into their warm sleeping bags this morning.   They decided to sleep out under the stars last night.

They slept so warm and comfortable all night.   The sun comes up early in the summer here and it woke them up.

“Kirsten, those stars were so bright last night!” says Kit

“That was fun spotting the Big Dipper and finding the North Star at the end of the handle!”  replies Kirsten.

“I had so much fun sleeping out under the stars last night we should do it again tonight!”  suggests Kit.

“Yes!  Let’s do!” agrees Kirsten


Make these quick and easy sleeping bags for a mini doll or mini stuffed animal!  This little sleeping bag is perfect for a sleepover, campout or a summer night under the stars!


To get started, fold a piece of felt in half with the fold on the side.

Lay the mini doll you are using on the felt with her head lining up with the top.  Trim off extra felt leaving a 1/2″ border on the sides and at the bottom.

Let’s do a little planning.  We are going to fold down one side of the sleeping bag to make it easy for the dolls to get in and out. We will stitch the rest of the side and across the bottom.   I am using two pieces of felt so the sleeping bag is lined on the inside with a coordinating color.   If you choose to use one piece of felt another quick and easy option would be to use Fabric Fusion Tape, on the side and bottom, instead of stitching it.

Back to the sleeping bag!  To make a  lined sleeping bag cut a solid colored piece of felt the same size as the first.  Line up both pieces of felt and fold the double layer in half.  Fold down the top corner and line it up with the fold on the side (Same as pictured above).  Pin the side and bottom edges of the sleeping bag together.  Starting at the bottom corner stitch across the bottom and up the side. When you get to the flap that is folded down then stitch up the remainder of the back layer of the sleeping bag, up across the top and back down the side.  Stitch a few knots in between the layers to finish it off.


Here is the cozy little finished bag!


Have a sleepover inside or lay out your dolls on green felt or grass scrapbook paper to have an outdoor sleepover.  Then they can stargaze before falling asleep!

Just in case you are interested, here is a little more about today’s post!

  • Dolls-Mini AG Kisten and Mini AG Kit
  • Outfit-Both outfits are made by Anna
  • Scene-Teddy bear was from Michael’s in the miniatures section.  Flashlight came on a keychain (I don’t remember where we go it.)  Grass printed scrapbook paper from JoAnn’s.

Enjoy “mini” adventures with your dolls this week!