Camp Doll Diaries

Make a Rustic Stage for Dolls

The theme for this week’s Camp Doll Diaries is “Talent Show!” This was actually a theme that Natalie requested, because she just loves to sing and act – so it is natural for the dolls to do the same.

Your dolls need somewhere to hold their performance, so let’s start the week by building them a simple rustic stage – perfect for camp. Of course, you can make yours fancier if you want, but head over to Anna’s Doll It Up site to get the instructions for how to make this rustic stage.

How to Make a Rustic Stage by Anna

and if they want a studio to practice in all week, check out this older post from Jen on how to make a dance studio for dolls.

Stop back this afternoon (I am actually on my way home from a weekend away) for the Talent Show sign up sheets and another Photo Challenge from Natalie.