Camp Doll Diaries Week 10

Anna here!  Today I’m serving up a Japanese meal for dolls.  Do your dolls like trying food from other countries?  It can be a new experience and you may discover a new flavor that you will want to come back for!    I love Japanese cuisine.  It can be colorful and beautiful to look at.  It has a flavor that is all it’s own.  Last time I went to a Japanese restaurant they served our food in a bento box.  It was a little black tray with dividers.  In each section of the tray was a different food.

I’ve created a doll size version to give your dolls a sampling of Japanese cuisine!  On the menu today is fish and rice, cooked vegetables, and shrimp and vegetable tempura.  It is served with a slice of lemon, wasabi, and pickled ginger to add flavor!  This meal is easy to make.  Cut and glue each item on the menu and simply glue them into the bento box.  Then your japanese meal will be ready to serve anytime!

If you want to make this food craft here is what you’ll need-

  • black craft foam
  • scissors
  • glue
  • felt  (suggested colors-white, grey, light pink, medium pink, yellow, light orange, medium orange, light green, medium green)

Bento Box

Let’s make a bento box!  Cut a piece of black foam 2″ x 3″.  Cut 1/4″ strips that will be the sides of the tray.  Glue 2 strips on the short end of the rectangle.  Trim off the extra strip.  Glue 2 strips on the long sides of the rectangle and trim off the extra.  The rectangle strips make a little raised edge all the way around the rectangle.

We are going to add dividers to our tray.  Cut the dividers to cut across the length and width of the tray.  Glue them in place.



Rice is a staple in Japan.  That means they eat it all the time, so it is the first item on our tray.  Cut 2 circles about 3/4″x 7/8″  and 1 circle 3/8″ across.  Glue the small circle in the center of one of the larger circles.  Glue the other circle on top around the edges so the rice mounds a little in the middle.


This pile of greens add flavor and color to our dish.  Cut 2 skinny, skinny pieces of green felt and trim one end to make little green dots.  Fold the 2 skinny slivers and glue them.  Put glue on the ends of the spikes and dip them in the pile of green “dots”.  Now we have leafy greens!  Glue them next to the rice.


Japan is an island surrounded by the ocean so there are plenty of fish!  Cut a pale pink modified tear drop shape.  Cut a light grey strip the length of one side of the pink felt.  The grey is the fish skin on the edge of the meat.  Glue the grey along the side of the pink felt.


Cooked Vegetables- Green Beans, Carrots, and Squash 

To go with the fish we are serving some cooked vegetables.  Cut strips if green felt about 1/8″ x 1/2″ for the green beans.  Cut circles about 1/4″ across for the carrot slices.  Cut cubes of squash about 3/8″ x 3/16″.  Glue it together in a pile to serve!

Tempura (Fried Vegetables and Meat)- Celery, Sweet Potatoes, and Shrimp 

The tempura or fried vegetables and meat is a popular choice at Japanese restaurants!  Cut skinny, skinny strips of tan felt for the batter that is fried on the outside of the vegetables.  Cut across the strips to cut them into small bits.

We have requested celery stalk (the leaves are still on the end).  It is cut out of light green felt, dabbed with glue and dipped in tan felt bits.  Trim any tan bits that hang over the edge of the green shape so it keeps it’s shape.

My favorite is the thinly sliced sweet potato.  It is a 1/4″ x 1/2″ oval cut out of orange felt.  Dab it with glue and dip it in the tan felt bits.  Trim extra tan felt around the edges of the oval.

The Shrimp is delicious battered and fried.  Cut this funny little shape out of pale pink felt for the shrimp.  It is about 5/8″ x1/4″.  Dab it with glue, dip it in tan felt bits and trim the extra tan bits off the edges.  Yum, yum!

Condiments- Wasabi, Gari (Pickled Ginger), and Lemon Wedges

Wow have you tried Wasabi?  It is a thick bright green paste and it burns!  Related to horseradish, you either love it or hate it, but it is still a must to be served with a Japanese meal!

Gari or pink pickled ginger is spicy, sweet and sour.  It definitely will liven up a bite of rice!


Maybe your dolls will leave the wasabi and gari untouched on their plates but surely they will have a squeeze of lemon on their fish!

To make a wedge of lemon cut 2 half circles about 1/4″ by 1/2″.  Cut a long skinny wedge tapered on each end  3/4″ long and 1/4″ across the middle.  Take the half circle and glue the wedge along the curved side.  This is one side of the lemon wedge.  Flip the lemon wedge over and glue the other half circle to the other side of the lemon wedge.

Cut skinny, skinny strips of white felt.  Curve it and trim it to fit along the side of the lemon wedge.

Glue the white strip in place.

What will be your dolls favorite today?  The fish and rice?  The tempura?  Mmmm, I could take a bite of the sweet potato tempura right now!


What about the flavorful cooked vegetables?  Are your dolls brave enough to try the spicy wasabi?   Do they love the pink color of the pickled ginger?  A squeeze of lemon is always popular!


After you made each item I hope you glued it right into the bento box.  That way this little meal is ready and perfect each time you want to serve it to your dolls.

Time to eat!

Whether your dolls are new to Japanese food or it is a regular for them, you are sure to have fun serving your dolls Japanese cuisine in a bento box!

Just in case you are interested here are a few more details from today’s post.

  • Doll– Morgan, AG #25
  • Outfit-Kimono is made by Anna.  Hair Clip tutorial is here.
  • Scene– Chopstick tutorial is here.  Screen is made by Anna.

Mmmm, crafting food has made me hungry!