Anna here!  The Cinderella story is a rags to riches tale.  She starts out as a poor maid and she lives happily ever after as a princess!  Today Samantha is playing Cinderella and showing us the transformation from rags to riches!  Craft a few accessories with us and you will have what you need to create a rags to riches tale like Cinderella.   

Let’s start with a snapshot of each of the accessories we will make.  

As a maid, Cinderella ties her hair back with a scarf.  


Work, work, work, and more work!  Cinderella is ready with her work apron on!


Pair the hair scarf and the work apron with plain clothes and any doll can join Cinderella as a maid! 

Her life may be difficult but she puts on a smile and has a great attitude!  

Her life soon drastically changes and the transformation is complete with a few elegant accessories!

We will make a simple headband to go with an elegant up do.

How about a choker necklace to dress things up?

And what is under the edge of her skirt?  Why yes, Cinderella’s trademark, a pair of glass slippers!

We will make them sparkle and shine!

Pair the headband, choker necklace and glass slippers with a fancy doll dress and Cinderella is ready to meet the prince at the ball!


 Let’s take a look at what we’ll need to make these rags to riches accessories!


  • white felt
  • colored felt 
  • thin elastic chord
  • velcro
  • jewels
  • 1/8″ and 5/8″ wide white ribbon
  • 3/8″ black ribbon
  • doll jelly shoes (Mine are the brand, “My Life As” from Walmart)
  • glue (not pictured)
  • scissors (not pictured)
  • ruler (not pictured)
  • chalk (not pictured)

Cinderella- Rags Accessories

Hair Scarf Tie Back

 With chalk and a ruler measure and mark the side of a piece of white felt 9″.  Measure and mark across the top of the felt 9″.  Connect the 2 end points with a diagonal line that measures about 13″.  

Cut out the triangle and trim the 2 corners touching the longest side of the triangle.

Glue a 1/8″ x 7″ ribbon to each trimmed corner.  This will be how we tie on the hair scarf.  

With a piece of chalk mark the triangle in 4 spots, following the picture and measurements below.  Measure from the uncut corner without the ribbon attached.

1 -6″ from the uncut corner

2- 6″ from the uncut corner

3 -2″ from the uncut corner

4- 2″ from the uncut corner

To get the basic shape of the hair scarf, we are going to join marks 1 & 3, and 2 & 4.  To do this first put a little dab of glue on mark 3.      

With your hand holding mark 1, fold down the side of the triangle and match up mark 1 and 3.  Hold in place until glue sets.

Repeat the process and put a dab of glue on mark 4.

With your hand holding mark 2, fold down the side of the triangle, matching up mark 2 and 4.  Hold until the glue is set.  

Let’s put this little hair scarf on your dolls head!  First take the hair scarf and tie the ribbons in a bow so that the 2 sides of the scarf meet.  Next, put your dolls hair in a pony tail.  Place the scarf on the dolls head, threading the ponytail through the opening made when you tied the ribbon.  Adjust the hair scarf where you want it on the dolls head.  Smooth the hair if necessary.  You can secure the scarf on the dolls head with a bobby pin on each side.  Carefully remove the ponytail elastic if desired.      

Work Apron

Cut a rectangle 6″ long and 7″ wide out of felt.  Fold it in half on the 7″ side and sketch half of an apron like pictured below.  

Cut along the chalk line and unfold.

Cut a length of 5/8″ ribbon to 27 1/2″”.  Center it along the top edge of the apron and glue it in place. 

Cinderella- Riches Accessories


Choose felt in a color to coordinate with a fancy doll dress you have.  Cut a rectangle 7 1/4″x 1″.  Cut a piece of thin elastic chord to 4″ long.

Next we re going to taper the headband so it is widest in the middle and narrow at both ends.  Fold the rectangle in half lengthwise.  Trim off the felt, tapering from the folded edge towards the open edge.

When I unfold mine, it measures 1″ in the middle, tapering to about 3/16″ at each end.

Glue the thin elastic chord to each end, forming it into a headband.

Neck Choker

Cut a length of 3/8″ black ribbon to 6″.  Cut a piece of velcro to 5/8″x 3/8″.

Fold and glue each end of the ribbon under 1/4″.  Glue the “loop” piece of velcro on the back side of the ribbon.  

Place the “hook” piece of velcro partially overlapping the ribbon and partially hanging off the ribbon.  The hook side will face towards the back side of the ribbon.  Glue down the portion of the velcro touching the back side of the ribbon.

Loop the ribbon around with the right side of the ribbon facing outward. 

Connect the velcro together and the choker is ready to wear!

Glass Slippers

These fancy little glass slippers are clear plastic jelly shoes from Walmart’s 18″ doll accessories.  Add a little sparkle and shine with jewels.  

Samantha has enjoyed playing Cinderella.  With a handful of accessories she made the transformation from rags to riches! 

Of course with such a variety of accessories at hand, the hair scarf, apron, simple headband, choker necklace, and shiny shoes will offer  endless possibilities for doll scenes and play!

Just in case you are interested here are a few more details from today’s post.

  • Doll- Samantha, AG Historical Character
  • Outfits-Work dress made by Anna. Fancy dress information is here
  • Scene-Cleaning supplies tutorial is here.

Craft a storyline for your dolls!