Camp Doll Diaries

What an amazing week of crafting and celebrating the USA and Canada!! The girls at Camp Doll Diaries are crafted out for the week and are ready to kick back, relax and head to the community pool!

Camp Doll Diaries Pool Party

Kyla is the first employee at the pool this morning so it is her job to make sure everything is ready for the day. Since they have a shortage of lifeguards, she might just have to do that job today as well.

Camp Doll Diaries Pool Party

You can set up your own pool area starting with these fun pool printables (used with permission from Bella at Chicandpetite).

Camp Doll Diaries Pool Party

Now get creative!! Here are a few ideas to make ย your pool party fun:

The pool: Use a blue towel, sheet or blanket for water. I just happen to have a really blue fold out gymnastics mat that makes a great pool for our dolls. Visit American Girl Doll Play to find out how to add a diving board to your pool scene.

Pool toys: I used Chrissa’s snow tube for a pool floating tube, but if you have little brothers or sisters, look to see if they have any stackable ring toys that might work. Mini beach balls can be found at the dollar store and for pool noodles either cut up a fat smoothie straw or roll up a piece of fun foam like I did.

Cool treats: Make ice cream cones, make frozen popsicle treats, and mini pompoms in doll cups look like snocones.

In this post:

  • Smoothie Stand – The Queen’s Treasures
  • Dolls – FAO Gotz Avery in Sophia’s pool cover up, Journey Girls Kyla in Sophia’s tankini and a denim skirt, American Girl Chrissa in her swimsuit, Springfield Madison in Springfield pink checked suit and Sophia’s Carly in her tropical one piece suit.
What other ideas do you have for making ย a doll pool party into a fun day of doll play?ย  Feel free to share you Camp Doll Diaries Pool Party photos on your own site, our Facebook timeline, Instagram or Twitter – just be sure to use #campdolldiaries so we can find them easily.