With the camp theme this week “Land I Love” the campers have been planning a trip to see a National Treasure close by, The Grand Canyon.  To prepare for the trip they have had maps on display.  Saige is holding up one of those maps for us.

They also have been studying brochures to help plan what they want to see while there.

They even found a couple of books at the library that are a fun way to study unique things about the area.

For the last couple of weeks all of their discoveries have been on display so everyone can enjoy them, learn more and take a closer look.

Is there somewhere in our Nation that your campers would like to travel to see?  Learning about a place before you visit can help you enjoy the trip even more!  To help your campers prepare for the trip you can make a set of maps, brochures, and books.  I will tell you how to make your own custom set or help your dolls plan a trip to the Grand Canyon with the printable I put together.


First let’s talk a little about how to make your own printable for that special trip for your campers!  Choose your destination and search Google images for maps, brochures, and books on that place.  Save the images and resize them in Word or Pages.  Here are the approximate measurements I used to give you somewhere to start.

  • Map-5″x 3.75″
  • Brochure-5.8″x 2.5″
  • Books- 2″x 2.5″ and 3″x 2.5″

Print it out and put them together with us!

Maps: For maps to take on a hike, simple fold it in half with the picture on the outside and then back and forth, accordion style.  To display the map glue it to a piece of thin cardboard.

Brochures: Fold back and forth accordion style with the image on top.

Books: For a thinner paperback book glue the picture of the cover to a piece of colored card stock folded in half like a book.  You can add pages to the inside or leave blank.  For a sturdier book that is a hardback, wrap a piece of colored card stock around thin cardboard cut to the same size as the picture.

To help items dry flat, stack several book on top with a piece of newspaper between the items and the books.

Enjoy planning a trip for your dolls or use these items for your doll size school and classroom!

After planning together and learning more about the area all of the campers are excited to see things they studied about!  Saige is hoping to see the collared lizard pictured on both of the book covers.  She can’t believe how vibrant the colors are on some of the species!  It would be so awesome to see one in the wild!

Just in case you are interested, here is a little more about today’s post.

  • Doll and Outfit-Saige is AG GOTY 2013 and she is wearing her meet outfit.
  • Scene– Shelf and globe are thrift store finds.  Cork board instructions are here.  Mini composition notebook is from Walmart.  Easel, pinwheel and mini glass jar are from JoAnn’s.

Explore locally or far off places with your dolls!