Ivy is out with Pepper this morning for a walk.  It is early in the morning so they are enjoying the stillness of the downtown streets, usually bustling with people.

 Pepper is wearing a new dog shirt that is fun and colorful and so easy to make! 

It is simply made from the sleeve of a child’s size shirt.  Use a long sleeve shirt you have outgrown or pick one up from the thrift store.  

When choosing a shirt look for a knit.  That way it will be stretchy and the edges won’t fray.  

I cut the seam off the end of the sleeve.  For the length I held it up to the dog from the neck, down it’s back and cut it to that length.

Keep the seam of the sleeve running along the underside of the pet.  Hold up the tube of fabric folded in half and cut a slit where the front leg is.  Cut out two matching circles. 


This is what it looks like laid out flat.  

Time to try it on!

The sleeve used for this dog shirt is from a toddlers shirt Size 3T.  Pepper’s shirt would easily fit on a smaller pet.  It is fitted on Pepper but it is what I had on hand. I think a variety of sizes of shirt sleeves would work.  It all depends on your pet size and how stretchy the fabric is! 

 Just in case you are interested, here is more about today’s post.

Enjoy some time with your doll size pets this week!