I don’t know a better way to celebrate this wonderful patriotic week than to create a crown, sash, and torch for a “Miss Dolly Liberty.”


  • Duck Tape brand tape in their flag pattern
  • Bendable straws (25)
  • Pipe Cleaners (red and blue)
  • Pompoms (white)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Tape Measure

I measured and cut a 14 inch strip of Duck Tape.  I am over-the-top in love with all of the wonderful color and pattern choices available in the Duck Tape line.  Next, I cut down the straws.  I cut each section (top & bottom from the bend) in half.  Then, I lined up the straws along the top edge of the Duck Tape.  The bend of the straw needs to be in the middle of the top edge of tape.

I then cut a 12 inch piece of Duck Tape.  Once cut, I cut it again long ways to make it narrower.  I placed this strip on top of the lower half of straws.  Then I folded the bottom edge of Duck Tape up and over the bottom edge of straws.  With another piece of Duck Tape I closed the two ends together.

Bend the straws outward.  Decorate with pipe cleaners and pompoms.  I used hot glue to secure the pipe cleaners and pompoms into place.  The finished crown is adorable!

To make the sash I cut a piece of Duck Tape to 17 inches.  I folded it half lengthwise.  I used a Velcro dot on the ends to keep together.  I used a label maker for the lettering.

To make the torch I used a yellow bead, cap from tooth paste tube, red golf tee, and Duck Tape.  I hot glued the bead, cap, and tee together.  I cut a piece of Duck tape off and folded it onto itself.  I cut small triangles from the tape and glued to the edges of the cape.  I took and a small piece of tape and covered the triangle edges to seal it all in place.