Make your own Camp Doll Diaries Shirts

By popular request!!!  From the day I announced that we were doing Camp Doll Diaries you all have been asking if you can make your own camp logo t-shirts and other gear and the answer is YES! We will be doing giveaways all summer for various camp items, but if you have the supplies, creativity and time, you can make some of your own.

Camp Doll Diaries tees

Supplies you will need to make your own camp gear:

Camp Doll Diaries logos

Step 1 – Print out the Camp Doll Diaries Logo Sheet from the link above this photo. You will notice that they are different sizes and some of them are backwards. Depending on the transfer paper you use, you may need your design reversed. For the Avery Light Fabric transfer paper I use, you have to use the backwards logos. Sharry says that the transfer paper she uses for dark fabrics doesn’t require you to flip the image first. Use which ever version you need.

Step 2 – Cut out the logos you need.

Camp Doll Diaries logos

Step 3 – Place the logo on the item you want to transfer it to and follow the directions provided with the transfer paper you use – everyone is a little different. And because this requires using an iron – PLEASE get help from a grown up!! 

Camp Doll Diaries

Note: If the doll shirt you are putting your transfer onto has velcro down the back, open the velcro and lay the shirt as flat as you can.

Camp Doll Diaries

Step 4 – Once your item is cool, very carefully peel off the transfer paper. 

Camp Doll Diaries

Once you are done with the transfer process, you can always add some bling or any other special creative touch you wish.

Hearts for Hearts Girls Consuelo

Hearts for Hearts Girl Consuelo is so happy that the big girls invited her to camp, too!!

Camp Doll Diaries

Our girls are so excited about camp – they can’t stop talking about it!

I hope you have fun making gear for your girls!

PS – can you find my mistake? By the time I realized it, I had already taken all my photos and was not going to re-do them all.